It can be confusing for schools to navigate the world of SACE registration and management. Because of this, schools like Wynberg Boy’s High are using Get SACE Points who offer training and assist with the extensive SACE and CPTD administration.

We asked Juanita from Wynberg Boys’ High some questions about how Get SACE Points helps them with SACE Registration and Management.

Q1: How did you manage CPTD/SACE prior to working with Get SACE Points?

We did not do anything with regards to setting up profiles and uploading points or activities as SACE did not really give us any deadlines and were quite slack in following up and administering support.

We did do our own internal staff development and development was an organic exercise as opposed to something borne of necessity or fear of “punishment” from SACE.

Q2: What value did the Get SACE Points workshop give you?

Get SACE Points were extremely knowledgeable and were able to answer many staff questions; clarify misunderstandings; explain rationale and SACE logic as well as provide guidance on how to proceed with earning points through all tiers.

Q3: You have signed up for the monthly SACE service. How has this benefited your school?

It benefits the school because we are able to hand over the extensive admin of following up on SACE with regards to registering profiles, uploading points, SACE registrations and all SACE and CPTD administration etc. to people who have direct access to SACE.

Get SACE Points understands their jargon and have the time to do a comprehensive follow up. Ultimately, it gives us a peace of mind that it is being properly done, and that we, as a school,

are making sure that we are adhering to the Department regulations properly.

Q4: What is it like working with the Get SACE Points team?

Wonderful. They answer emails timeously, are patient and are willing to come out and assist with short notice. They are not judgmental of our slow progress or rude when staff become stroppy or vent frustrations aimed at SACE. They have been gracious in all their interactions.

Q5: Would you recommend Get SACE Points to other schools? If so, why?

I would recommend Get SACE Points to other schools who can afford it. Obviously, it is a paid for service and many schools may not have the budget for it nor see the need to prioritise it.

However, I found that in my new role as staff development coordinator, I was able to turn to Paige from Get SACE Points at any time for guidance and assistance and she has helped me navigate the confusing world of SACE registration and management. It was a massive relief to be able to hand over this portion to her and not have to field endless questions about a system I know very little about.  

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