We are excited to announce the big winner of our iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Competition!

CONGRATULATIONS Tracey de Beer of Gonubie Primary School – you are our big winner! Tracey has just won a brand new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, sponsored by Digicape. We hope you enjoy your iPad Pro and put it to good use at your school.

All Tracey had to do was review any company that supplies a product or service to her school, Gonubie Primary School. The winning review is selected at random and from the 700+ submitted reviews, the winning review was this:

Tracey Review of Digicape


Yes, the company that Tracey reviewed were the sponsors of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Irony aside, Tracey had this to say upon winning her new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil:

I am delighted to have won. It’s not normal for me to win ANYTHING.

The admin staff at Gonubie Primary School have found SchoolAdvisor to be very beneficial when getting the necessary 3 quotes in order to be compliant with our procurement policy. We live in a small community where it is not always possible to get quotes quickly. SchoolAdvisor has proved to be a huge time saver.”

Thanks Digicape!

We would like to take this time to say a massive, THANK YOU to our generous sponsors, Digicape. Digicape has partnered with over 80 schools nationally, from tiny pilot projects to large Apple 1:1 rollouts, which has seen over 550 Macs and 580 iPads implemented in a single school.

We love it when people don’t just provide great service and products, but we also love it when those type of people teach what they know. Digicape does both flawlessly. If your school needs Apple technology to undertake a program you should definitely consider Digicape. Check their listing on SchoolAdvisor here or contact them directly.