I suppose that I should first introduce the RockingFuture and explain what we do before we get to how it will benefit you.

As the name suggests the RockingFuture expo is a career expo. What makes us different from others is that we specialize in private tertiary institutions. We feel that the Universities do not need our assistance. They are well known and large enough to not need any more help in marketing their degrees to future students. There are, however, a whole slew of private tertiary institutions that are less well known to the learners. They offer the same qualifications as the Universities and are often also recognized internationally.

The second difference is that we offer a fun, educational and above all structured expo for matric learners. Facilitated by young vibrant MCs the expo turns into a choreographed show. No more aimless wandering and wasting time. The learners will know exactly who is present and what they offer. With video as well as verbal introductions each institution is introduced in a fun, memorable way.

After introductions have been made your learners will have ample time to interact with the delegates from each institution, gather information and learn more about possible career choices. There are also giveaways from the institutions and a fun competition to see who paid attention.

Now that we know how it will benefit your matric learners, let me tell you how this will benefit you – the LO teacher, counsellor or school psychologist.

First and foremost, we take care of all the administration. We book the institutions, make sure they are set up and in attendance. No more phoning around and wasting your time to try and set up your own career day.

We will also minimize the time your students spend on career guidance. All we ask is an hour and a half to two hours, depending on how many matric students you have. In those two hours the learners will be exposed to a maximum of 26 private tertiary institutions representing many different industries. How easy is that?

All we require from you is a booking contract with a date and a time. We travel to nine regions in South Africa from January to May each year. Our booking agents, Nathanie and Louise, will assist you to find a date when we are in your part of the world. We have two shows a day and will try to accommodate you as much as is possible.

We only have two criteria when it comes to the schools we visit. Firstly, we insist on a 90% pass rate and secondly, we ask for a matric school fee above R15 000 per annum. This is simply so our private tertiary institutions are assured of students that have the means to study at a private institute after they finish matric.

If you would like to book the RockingFuture Career Expo for your school please contact us on 010 822 200 or send an email to info@3rc.co.za.

You can also visit our webpage www.3rc.co.za for more information.