Schoolscape IT saw over 130 School IT Managers gathered together to explore and test different products and services. At the end of the event, these IT Managers unanimously picked a coding game called ‘Scottie Go! Edu’ as the most innovative solution they engaged with.

SchoolAdvisor, the organisers of Schoolscape, sat down with Jolanta from Africa Point Group (the company who brought Scottie Go! to the SADC region), to find out why schools loved it so much.

Q1: What is Scottie Go! Edu?

A: Scottie Go! is an innovative game-based solution used to teach programming in schools. It is a combination of puzzle tiles, which are used by the learners to create programming commands and an app that sets tasks and scans the proposed solutions that set Scottie (friendly Alien) and other characters in motion. It is an innovative educational coding game like no other.

This award-winning game is impacting the way learners (6 years and older) are being taught how to code. Over 50 countries worldwide are using Scottie Go! Edu as a tool for teaching coding. The game works best in a school environment as it has been created with schools and educators in mind.

Q2: How does Scottie Go! Edu work?

A: Learners receive a problem. They then use physical puzzle tiles to solve the problem (very similar to building a puzzle). When the learner thinks they have solved the problem, they use a mobile device with the Scottie Go! Edu app installed to scan the solution and see if they were correct or not. Watch this video to see the game in action: {will embed video}

The use of tactile puzzles involves all senses in the learning process. The objective is to encourage children to start their coding adventure by playing, which triggers their ability to think logically and develop their algorithmic thinking. [Editor Note: The Scottie Go! methodology, game, and solution are patent pending].

Q3: What material does Scottie Go! come with?

A: Every game comes with coding puzzles, an instruction manual, a game board and a product license key which gives schools access to Teacher Training materials. Additionally, there will be over 30 full free ready to use Scottie lesson scenarios available from October 2019.

Q4: Do teachers need to know how to code in order to use Scottie Go! Edu? 

A: Teachers with zero coding experience can easily use Scottie Go! Edu in the classroom. They can learn how to use the game from the tutorial in the free app and they can prepare for each quest of the game by following the simple step-by-step Teacher’s Guide.

Q5: Who is Scottie?

A: Scottie is a friendly Alien whose space ship crash lands on Earth. He now needs help collecting different parts of his space ship scattered around the globe. By playing the game, you will help Scottie find the missing pieces of his space ship so that he can travel back to his homeland.

Q6: Does a school need Wi-Fi and computers/tablets in order to play Scottie Go! Edu?

A: Once you’ve downloaded the free app, you no longer need an internet connection. A single smartphone or tablet with the app installed is enough for the entire classroom. Up to 30 individual or team profiles can be created on the app.

This is what sets Scottie Go! Edu apart – the accessibility of the game. The only resource a school needs is the Scottie Go! Edu game (which includes a game board, coding puzzles, an instruction manual, and a product license key) and one device with the free app installed. That’s it. There is no need for an internet connection, coding skills, or multiple devices. 

Q7: How many Scottie Go! Edu games do you need per class?

A: Scottie Go! works best, when 3 students are engaged in one game at a time. For example: in a class of 30 pupils, you will need 10 games. The Scottie Go! Edu game has a total of 91 quests divided into 10 modules. With one coding lesson a week, the game can last one whole school year.

Q8: How much does the Scottie Go! Edu game cost?

A: The Scottie Go! Edu game costs 1200 ZAR. You are welcome to contact me to ask about payment options.


If you are interested in introducing the world-renowned coding game into your classroom and would like some more info regarding the game, simply fill in your details below. Jolanta from Africa Point Group will be in touch to chat further.