What is the SBMA?

The School Business Managers’ Association (SA) is a professional membership organisation for those responsible for school financial administration and management at public schools. The SBMA was established in 2008 to address the professional needs at public schools.

Principals and finance staff encounter many challenges and day to day difficulties at their schools. It has become increasingly evident that they need a professional home where they can network and resolve the many questions they face. Our membership includes Principals, School Business Managers, Bursars, Finance Officers, Administrators, Admission Clerks and others who fulfil this important role. The association is run by Business Managers who are full-time employees at their respective schools.

The aims and objectives of the SBMA are:

• To provide professional advice and support to all of our members;
• Promote administrative and financial efficiency among the schools served by each of its members;
• To facilitate the professional development of SBMA members;
• Maintain and promote good fellowship and mutual understanding among members and members schools; and
• To co-operate and interact with School Governing Body organisations and other like-minded associations in order to advance our aims and objectives.

Who can become a member and how does one become a member?

All Public Schools in South Africa can become members. Currently, we have over 320 member schools Nationally with more than 1000 individual members using our services.

The school pays only one membership fee per annum for the whole school and all Principal, Business Managers and finance staff in the school may make use of the services offered. Membership forms are available on our web page www.sbma.co.za or on request from sbma@mweb.co.za or call 082 3066 877.

What is the purpose of the SBMA conference and when can we expect the next one?

The SBMA National Conference is a way of uniting topics of daily task issues encountered in finance departments of public school from good speakers and exhibitors that can show you the latest products and services to the Principals and finance staff that very rarely get to know about the services on hand and sometimes have an overwhelming feeling of nowhere to turn when problems arise.

The SBMA conference will be held on the 18-19 May 2017 at the Southern Sun Hotel OR Tambo – Johannesburg. 

Why do school suppliers need to know about SBMA?

The SBMA works hand in hand with Principals and finance department staff where the need for information on products and services are always in demand. School suppliers need to exhibit at the National Conference where we can put them in touch with the end users of new and innovative products and services. Our members often ask for a recommended product or service or a list of specific product suppliers.

If you would like to find out more or if you would like to become a member, contact Sharon @
Email: sbma@mweb.co.za
Tel: 082 3066 877
Fax: 0866 710 720