Students love to draw. Some students need inspiration first. This website teaches you how to draw cartoon characters, cartoon animals, and much more. It does this by taking you through the drawing step-by-step. Starting with one simple shape and moving on to the next. There are both picture and video tutorials that make it super easy to follow.

Neil Jarret of #Edtech4Beginners explains below.

Drawing How To Draw is a brilliant website which features a huge number of drawing tutorials and lesson ideas.

In my school, we have 30 minutes per week, in which the students get out their sketchbooks and draw something. This works well, as it develops both skills and creativity.

The website is great to use in these lessons and I really like the way each tutorial is broken into steps which are visual and clear:

A great art website for lessons

Here are some examples of my students’ work:

Art lesson website

A great website for art lessons

Website for teaching art

Why not combine the drawings and make a whole class piece?

Art tutorials

Finally, it’s worth noting that the drawings could be done digitally using the app, Paper by Fifty-Three.  Check out my tutorial here.

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