Have you used videos in your lessons yet? Well, TED-Ed Lessons is a fantastic resource for you. A lesson is created from a video made by educators around the world. Log on to their website, watch the video, and follow the lesson steps.

We say a big, ‘thank you!’ to Neil from #EdTech4Beginners for showing us how you can use it in your classroom.

I recently found TED-Ed Lessons… they’re brilliant! Created by educators around the world, they are a great way to share knowledge with your students.  They include resources and opportunities for online discussion.

How do I find them?

Simply visit the website and search for the topic you wish to cover.  There are thousands and the site is growing more and more each day, so I am sure you will find something of use.  Additionally, they are a great and simple way to flip your classroom.

What is the structure of the lessons?

Watch my quick video walk-through of a typical lesson:

Free resource!

As most of the lessons have a video, I have made an online video-viewing worksheet. Click here to access it.  It is read-only so make sure you click ‘make a copy’ or download it, so you can edit it.

TED-Ed Lessons - Video-viewing worksheet