The idea of schooling is centuries old but teaching and learning continue to evolve with the recognition of achievement being a key factor in nurturing learners to excellence.

Traditionally, the trophy cup and the round wreath medal on a ribbon held high on the podium, but, as schools develop their distinctive brand, their image needs to be reflected in the awards that are given.

Having recently received three great reviews from schools for their trophies and medals, SchoolAdvisor wanted to find out more about Prestige Awards’ reputation and what exactly they offer to schools. This is what they told us.

Prestige Awards is geared to partner with schools that see recognition as vital to the positive, all-round learner development and help consolidate their unique identity and ethos. Our tradition started in 1983 and schools have trusted us with supplying their trophies, medals and badges for more than three decades.

One example and one of our most proud creations was a trophy that we developed for the Absa PSL Soccer League. This trophy serves as a great example of how the owners broke tradition in order to differentiate themselves.

The Process of Creating a Masterpiece

The process began with the meeting of minds on a concept. This then led to the manufacturing of a prototype that was made from specially coated wood, aluminium cut-out, and a 3D printed football. The description of the award was then printed in colour on the trophy.

Four different technologies were brought together in order to achieve a trophy which was unique and distinctive and that complimented the sponsor’s brand. This is what we do and what sets us apart as a manufacturer and designer.

The success of this magnificent piece of art led to the manufacturing of over 260 such trophies, each handmade and uniquely branded.

Understanding the deep traditions of some schools, we can customize a silver trophy or gold medal, as needed, using a number of means.

In addition to trophies, we can produce any signage – from small lapel badges to large-format banners or printed gazebos for sports day. Schools, nationally, use Prestige Awards and others are taking notice!

If you want to get in touch with Prestige Awards, your one-stop supplier of all things ‘awards’ and much more, visit this link.