Lost property at school – the thing all schools dread. As a parent whose children leave tracksuit tops/jerseys/pants/shoes/etc. at school on a weekly basis, I know the burden it causes schools. And I know that as a parent, I should take ownership of ensuring that the labels are clear, but often I don’t. Unclear labels or no labels leave schools with a massive admin headache. 

Schools, I have good news for you. SchoolAdvisor is always on the lookout for solutions to problems you face. We have discovered a company that puts the control of lost property into your hands. I sat down with Labels4School who explain how you can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend managing lost property by making use of labelling packs. 

What’s more: to prove how much they back their solution, they are giving free packs away to Principals and Bursars/Business Managers to test with your children. Continue reading to find out how you can get your hands on a free pack.

Q1: Why is lost property such a burden at school?

Lost property is a huge frustration at schools and takes time away from the most important objective in the school environment – teaching and learning. I would estimate at least 20-30 minutes per day is spent on lost property and managing learners whose items are lost.

As an ex junior primary teacher, I can confirm that lost property is quickly becoming one of the most frustrating parts of a teachers day. In a class, it could take up to 15 minutes to get all the learners focused and ready to learn again after just one learner has lost a pencil or eraser. This happens multiple times in one day for many different learners – the patience required is incredible! 

Then comes the fighting over unmarked items. Make no mistake, two children who are certain an item is theirs can cause even more drama and even further distract learners. It’s heart-breaking as a teacher to see that your carefully planned lesson aimed to reach the kids and spark their imagination now won’t reach those learners on that today.

Year after year, lost items pile up. If these items were labelled, it would save all parties involved the worry and frustration. 

Q2: Why do you believe schools should take control of the lost property?

It’s plain and simple. Teaching and learning are taking a backseat due to many daily frustrations faced by school staff. Our incredible teachers are highly skilled and would love to focus all their time into teaching. The more we can do to assist them, the better off our children will be.

Labelling a pencil or jacket may seem like an insignificant thing to do but it really does make a difference.

Q3: What is your solution to lost property at school?

All school belonging must be labelled – this is a compulsory rule for all schools. But alas, parents often don’t comply with this requirement. This is largely due to just the sheer amount of time it takes to label all their children’s belongings. We offer a much simpler solution that will save both schools and parents a lot of time. 

The solution is for schools to subscribe to annually receive our long-lasting labelling packs. Schools simply email us (Labels4School.co.za) their complete class lists at the end of each year. We will then send the school a complete personalised Label Pack for each learner on an annual basis.

Q4: How much does your solution cost and how can schools pitch this expense to parents or build it into other costs?

The Premium Pack is R52 (excl. VAT) if you are looking for the best quality and our Economy Pack is R40 (excl. VAT) if you are looking for the best price you can find. We also never charge for delivery, spelling errors, or unused packs due to learners leaving with late notice. We even throw in some of our great teachers’ merit labels to sweeten the deal!

Schools can easily treat a label pack as an additional stationery item. The cost of the label pack can then be added to the total stationery fees. The benefit for parents is that our labels cost up to three times less than other label packs and will last the entire year. Parents also have peace of mind, knowing their label pack is already printed and waiting for them on the first or last day of school. 

For example, if that one correctly-labelled Pritt glue stick which rolled across the classroom floor was returned to it’s owner, you’ve already saved the price of almost the whole set of labels. One pair of shoes equates to 5 full packs of labels. Parents could spend the price it costs to purchase 10 ‘label packs’ on a decent cricket bat to last the whole of junior school only to have it lost within the first month. 

We haven’t even mentioned the heartache of crocodile tears because their “teacher is going to shout at me” for having lost a book or blazer. Haven’t we all heard that one?

Q5: What comes in one of your label packs?

To give you an idea, our Premium Pack contains 216 labels in total. This consists of:

  • 60 Wrap-Around Labels (used for pens, pencils, khokis, paint brushes, etc)
  • 28 Book Labels (used for exercise books, textbooks, files, etc)
  • 60 Micro Labels (used for scissors, sharpeners, small lids, even puzzle pieces or flashcards, etc)
  • 30 Multi-Purpose Labels (used for calculators, sports equipment, lunch boxes, juice bottles, plastic suitcases, etc)
  • 25 Iron-on Labels (used for shirts, pants, blazers, socks, towels, etc)
  • 1 Bag Tag (used for backpacks, book bags or sports bags, etc)
  • 6 Shoe Labels & 6 Shoe Shields (used for 3 pairs of shoes, school shoes, sports shoes, etc)

We are, of course, happy to change labels and quantities to better suit the needs of the school or a particular phase.

Q6: Now the fun part. How can a Principal or Bursar/Business Manager get a free label pack couriered to them?

We would love for you to feel our product for yourself, first. This is why we are offering to courier two free label packs to your school. If you are a Principal or Bursar/Business Manager and have school-going children, complete the form below and we will send you a free pack to test:

The address to where the pack will be delivered.
Which will be printed on the labels.
If you would like to include a contact number on the label.

If you are interested in implementing Labels4School’s label pack solution in your school or you would just like some more info from them, please email us now: office@justid.co.za or info@labels4school.co.za.