Allcopy Publishers introduced the Mind Action Series to help teachers uncover better teaching methods in order for learners to gain a better comprehension of difficult Maths and Science topics. Mind Action Series are partners in Educator Professional Development and they offer both workshops for teachers and publication ranges. 

With some excellent reviews on SchoolAdvisor, SchoolAdvisor wanted to find out from a teacher what the Mind Action Series experience is really like and why other schools should know about it. We chat to Head of Mathematics, Lanelle Kleinhans of Eunice High School in Bloemfontein who shared her experience attending the Mind Action Series teaching training workshop. 

Q1: Why did you first decide to attend the Mind Action Series teacher training workshop?

A: When our school first implemented the CAPS syllabus, I felt unsure about certain topics (eg probability) as they were not part of our previous NCS syllabus. So, the main reason I attended the teacher training workshop was to gain more knowledge regarding content and teaching methods.

Q2: Describe the experience of the training workshop.

A: The experience was enriching, positive, and uplifting. The presenter, Jurg Basson, is very knowledgeable and makes these workshops so interesting.

Q3: How did it compare to other similar training workshops you have attended?

A: Excellently. Other ‘workshops’ can end up being more of a presentation than a workshop. I found the workshop to be much more engaging as it required active participation.  The presenter, Jurg Basson, was also very experienced.

Q4: How did the workshop help improve your teaching?

A: After completing the Mind Action Series workshop, I went back to my class with newly gained confidence to teach topics I was previously intimated to teach on due to lack of knowledge and understanding. I learned new approaches to teaching difficult topics and I can see that there is better comprehension of the topic amongst my learners when using these approaches.

The typical exam questions that we worked through during the workshop were also very valuable. 

Q5: Would you recommend the workshop to other teachers and why?

A: Yes, definitely. The training will give teachers new insight into topics which are difficult to understand and highlight the most important aspects of these topics. If there is a difficult Maths or Science topic which your students are struggling to grasp, the workshops will empower you with more effective methods of teaching these topics.


It is great to see a company actively assisting teachers to teach difficult topics. They do this by helping them gain a better comprehension of the topic and by revealing better methods to teach said topics. 

Fill in your details below to find out when the next Mind Action Series workshop is in your region or to find out more about their publications. Someone from the Mind Action Series will be in touch.