With there being a lot of interest around resource platforms for teachers by teachers, we ask Malcolm Mooi a bit more about local South African platform Zibuza.net. Zibuza.net is presently in pilot mode and will be launching to the broader community in 2016.

How is Zibuza different to platforms like tes.co.uk and teacherspayteachers.com?
Zibuza.net is a community that is exclusively for South African educators. It is designed to help save teachers valuable time via sharing and collaborating with their peers for resources that are aligned to the curriculum.

It gives teachers access to quality teaching resources like lesson plans, classroom activities, tools and files. We also create value by connecting teachers to the multitude of stakeholders in the Basic Education ecosystem (Government, business, CSIs, NPOs, Education agencies, unions etc).

How do you reward teachers?
The community is socially driven, so we track user interactions like uploads, downloads, ratings, likes, comments, sharing etc.

Feed that to a rewards engine which calculates value created based on rules to drive positive behaviours that embrace sharing and collaboration. It is based on a sweepstakes model awarding the top 3 teachers in 4 categories.

An example:  A teacher uploads an Algebra lesson plan, that lesson plan gets downloaded 10 times and is rated 3 stars. We measure this against what other users are contributing.

Should this user fall into any of the reward categories, they are assigned points which can be redeemed from a catalogue that boasts 11,000 lifestyle items, from airtime, to virtual vouchers, to gadgets, kids toys and even getaways. The winner can cash in or bank their points for higher valued items on the catalogue.

What is the benefit of signing up now for the Zibuza pilot?
The benefit to teachers is that while the community is still relatively small, they stand a great change on winning rewards that are valued at up to R5000 per month for their contributions. It’s as simple as Connect, Share, Find – Get Rewarded!

The other benefit is that by attracting and having top contributing teachers as part of the community, we can unlock more investment and funding to increase the rewards pot, as well as implement more awesome features and functionality to the platform.

Teachers will also have access to our growing pool of organisation members. We have several organisation members who have a vested interest in Maths and Science, an educational psychologist, as well as the author (A teacher changed my life) and motivational speaker, Darren August, who focuses on the often neglected aspects of teaching.

Check it out and share your story with SchoolAdvisor if you are using them.