Ukhanyiso Ebantwini is a top-rated company on SchoolAdvisor. They offer unique training workshops for modern-day teachers. We decided to chat to Cathy Fry to find out more about them and how teachers can benefit from their training.

Q: Firstly, what does Ukhanyiso Ebantwini mean in English?

A: Ukhanyiso Ebantwini means “Shining light on people”. In other words – developing people and particularly the youth of South Africa.

Q: What is your mission?

A: We aim to improve education and the development of young people in South Africa, through consultation, coaching, accredited leadership development, skills development and teaching and learning innovations. We do this to enable them to take their rightful place in the South African and global economy.

Q: What topics do you cover in your workshops and training?

A: We have several SETA accredited and SACE endorsed training courses that we believe benefit teacher development in South Africa. Our main focus areas are:

  • School Leadership and Management for school leaders (SACE endorsed as well as undergoing ETDP Seta accreditation).
  • Assessor and Moderator Seta Accredited courses.
  • 21st Century Teaching and Learning, Higher Order Thinking, Study Skills, and implementing De Bono Thinking Tools in the classroom.
  • 21st Century Teaching and Learning for ECD teachers.

Q: What schools are your clients in?

A: Our clients are found in British Council, AdvTech Schools, NAPTOSA, ISASA schools (e.g. St Mary’s DSG, Redhill, Maragon, Brescia House, St Mary’s School, Waverley) and Thandulwazi Trust.

Q: Where does training happen and where do you operate?

A: Training can be done in-house or with individual teachers at different training venues.
We operate anywhere in South Africa.

Q: What are some of your achievements to date?

A: We have

  • provided training in Philosophy for Children, Critical and Creative Thinking, De Bono CoRT 1 and 21st Century teaching and learning to a number of independent schools in Gauteng and KZN;
  • been contracted by the British Council since 2015 to provide facilitation and material development services for the Connecting School III programme;
  • been involved in Leadership and Management training at the Thandulwazi Rokunda Project at St Stithian’s from 2012 to the present time;
  • from 2016, facilitated and assessed modules from the Advanced Certificate of Education SAQA ID 73529.

If you are interested in their training offerings, simply click here to get in touch with Ukhanyiso Ebantwini.