R 20 000 already paid out to teachers

Since April, Teacha – the online marketplace for South African teacher resources – has shown considerable growth, with a marketplace of more than 300 resources to choose from. The best part of all is that the teachers who sell their resources on the platform have been paid out more than R 20 000 to date.

Language-Friendly Marketplace

For those who are not familiar with the idea of an online marketplace: think of Etsy, eBay, or Hello Pretty. Similarly, Teacha is a place where vendors can sell their digital resources. You set up your own shop, upload your products and start selling. Teacha charges a small commission that absorbs all transaction, administration and marketing costs.

Teachers can see a summary of all their orders and also the commission that they’ve earned on their sales. Every two months teachers receive their commission as a payout.

Jean Vermeulen, the teacher behind Teacha, says that ‘The idea of a marketplace for teachers isn’t new, but Teacha is unique because it caters for the South African (CAPS) curriculum as well as local languages. South African teachers need South African resources.

Teachers are encouraged to sell materials in their home languages, especially Foundation Phase resources. It’s not just about the money teachers make by selling their resources. Teachers are helping to address a lack of resources and developing a higher quality of mother tongue instruction by uploading resources in languages other than English.’

At this time there are only resources in Afrikaans and English available, but Jean says that there has been interest by many isiZulu and isiXhosa teachers who will soon start uploading their  resources. Surprisingly, the best selling items have been in Afrikaans, with sales from countries such as Namibia and Australia!

Teacha Inspires Creativity

Teacha also encourages teachers to review each other and to start online communities. Many teachers have created their own social media pages and blogs and are growing their own fanbase and online following. SchoolAdvisor believes that this is an excellent opportunity for teachers to network with fellow teachers and to listen to what teachers’ needs are in the classroom.

If something does not work, or if the resources are not of the highest quality, then teachers will have the opportunity to revise and resubmit their work. This is very much in line with SchoolAdvisor’s vision of schools reviewing products and services.  Teachers also provide countless free resources on Teacha for those who aren’t too keen on buying resources yet.

View Teacha today to become a part of an exciting and growing community of South African teachers who are empowering themselves as well as other teachers. If you want to share and sell your skillfully made resources, or if you need something fresh and innovative for your classroom, then we believe Teacha is for you.


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