SchoolAdvisor wishes a big happy birthday to Jean and the team at Teacha! Keep up the great work.

Teacha! an online marketplace specifically developed for teachers of South Africa, celebrates its one-year anniversary in May 2016. Using an incredible teacher-seller interface, Teacha! empowers South African teachers through giving them an opportunity to generate an additional stream of income while sharing their knowledge with other teachers.

Teaching is known as a noble career. However, many South African teachers are blatantly overworked and underpaid. Seeing this struggle, Teacha! offers teachers an opportunity to leverage their skills and knowledge, allowing each the opportunity to sell the quality resources they create for their classes such as Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Presentations, Tests, and Exams.

Resources are being uploaded in Intermediate & Senior Phase Subjects, Foundation Phase as well as in FET subjects such as Tourism, Hospitality, and Consumer Studies. For the past year, this online marketplace has shown massive growth. From 4 sellers and 30 products, Teacha! now has around 30 teachers selling more than 450 products with thousands of rands paid out as commission. Products are available in isiXhosa, Afrikaans, and English.

“I’m overwhelmed by the positive response of so many South African teachers finding quality resources on Teacha!” said Jean Vermeulen, full-time teacher, seller, and founder of Teacha! “As a full-time teacher myself, I have also made use of the products – there are some amazing resources uploaded!” To celebrate, Teacha! has made it even easier for teachers to upload their products with a brand new and improved teacher-seller interface.

Customer Testimonials

“Teacha! is a platform that helps teachers share their work and also helps teachers to get in touch with new ideas and work. Not only do teachers benefit from Teacha! even parents do. Loads of summaries, worksheets and practice tests are available for everyone. I am a remedial therapist and I use Teacha! worksheets a lot in my sessions. Thanks, Teacha! for saving time and helping me be the best therapist I can be.” Annalize via

“I am so impressed with this website. As a teacher, it is difficult to find certain resources in Afrikaans. Teacha! has helped me so much. Thank You!” Lizelle via


“Teacha! Is a brilliant platform for teachers and educational specialists to share resources. It is difficult to find good quality Afrikaans resources, but Teacha! has been a lifesaver. Sel via

Teacha! is looking forward to empowering, even more, South African teachers. For more information about this online marketplace, please feel free to visit or check out their reviews and listing on SchoolAdvisor.