How many of your students struggle to learn from a traditional textbook? I’m guessing that you often hear students complaining about how difficult it is to engage with pages and pages of text. And, let’s be honest: didn’t we all, back in the day?

Dennis Lamberti, Development Director of Media Works (a leading Adult Education and Training provider in South Africa) specialises in digital and mobile learning, and has been working with his team to create more interactive, fun and engaging ways to bring education concepts to life.

What they came up with is a technology that embeds short, interactive lessons called ‘Bubbles’ into textbooks via QR codes. Media Works identified that high school learners would benefit greatly from ‘Bubbles’, and have partnered with Excom Publishers to bring this concept to fruition.

“This is breakthrough technology for learning and it ultimately applies to different levels and categories of learners, including those who are doing homeschooling. The ‘Bubbles’ will give learners a way to engage with, and recap, their studies effectively, allowing for better understanding,” says Yvette Russell, a founding member of Excom Publishers.

Introducing ‘Bubbles’

‘Bubbles’ is a term coined by Media Works for the 60 to 90 second lessons, which are accessed by scanning a QR code on the page of the textbook, or via a clickable link in the eBook version.

The ‘Bubbles’ allow learners to get a deeper understanding of the material through interactive audio and visual snippets that complements the curriculum.

“This marks the first time ever in South Africa that textbooks have been brought to life in this way. The QR tech will bring world-class education to students, regardless of where in the country they’re based, and what schooling experience they find themselves in,” says Lamberti.

How do students access these bubbles?

QR technology has been around for a long time now, so, it shouldn’t be a new concept to learners. If you don’t know what a QR code is, this is what it looks like:


All students need to do is download any free QR reader on their mobile device from their respective app stores. They simply scan the QR code using the app and bam – they unlock rich, 60-90 second interactive lessons as well as additional concept examples.

These bubbles are located throughout a selection of Excom Publishers’ learning materials and are intended to be especially useful when revising or catching up on concepts.

Here is the what it will look like in the actual textbook. [The QR on the page below is one of their bubbles. Just for fun – download a QR reader (if you don’t have one already), scan the code and watch the lesson on ‘Environments’.]



Textbooks relating to subjects such as Business Studies, Economic and Management Sciences, Life Orientation and Accounting feature the technology, and there are plans in place to roll it out to other subjects in the future.

Teachers who are interested in prescribing the books for their learners can order directly from Aimee Baxter ([email protected], 083 785 7813 or visit Alternatively, they are available from several bookshops, such as PNA, Van Schaik, Caxton and many other local bookstores.

The eBook version can be purchased and downloaded via or (new options will be available in the near future).

To order your interactive textbooks, click here to download the booking form.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Bubbles brings textbooks to life: