We are proud to announce that SchoolAdvisor has partnered with Investec Business Cash Solutions.

Investec’s understanding of the education sector enables it to create customised solutions to suit businesses in this sectors’ unique cash flow requirements. They have a range of flexible cash investment products that offer you capital preservation, security and competitive returns.

CEO of SchoolAdvisor, Peter Morgan, says, “It is amazing to have a brand with this weight coming alongside SchoolAdvisor. Investec have a lot to offer schools, making it an attractive partnership.”

If you need more assurance, Investec is currently one of the top 10 most valuable brands in SA! But don’t just take our word, see what your industry colleagues and fellow schools have to say about the service they get from Investec:

  • “The service has been consistently good and the returns competitive.”
  • “The personalised attention that we get with their service is fantastic. They are on top of everything. We have had a good return on investment.”
  • “Our banker is knowledgeable, fast and efficient. Pleasure dealing with Investec.”
  • “Investec have always been incredibly helpful and go beyond the call of duty to ensure trouble-free service for schools.”

We are excited to have partnered with Investec and feel rest assured that they are doing their best to make cash investing easier for schools while making sure that schools get a good ROI (return on investment). The better the returns, the more schools can invest back into education via improved products and services.


In order to breakdown their school cash investment offering and discover why it is ideal for schools, we sat down with Sean Jackson, head of Investec Business Cash Solutions.

Q: What do you offer schools?

A: Investec Business Cash Solutions manages any surplus funds in order to maximise the return of cash investments, while at the same time ensuring schools have access to their funds when needed.

While schools are specialists in education, Business Cash Solutions are specialists in Cash Investments.  Schools will benefit from our range of flexible cash investment products that offer capital preservation, security and competitive returns. Our products come with no monthly fees and extend across call accounts, notice accounts, and fixed deposits.

Q: What makes Investec Business Cash Solutions unique?

A: Our understanding of the education sector enables us to create customised solutions to suit a school’s unique cash flow requirements. By understanding a school’s cash flow, we can structure the correct cash portfolio to enhance the overall return on their investments. In addition, we have a team of dedicated cash investment specialists who are available to answer any concerns and deliver a professional service to you.

Q: What experience do you have with schools?

A: Investec has been providing business cash solutions and partnering with schools, universities and other educational bodies for in excess of 15 years.

Q: Can a school have more than one bank account for investment purposes?

A: Our offering sits in the investment space. This means that a school will continue to have their primary business account with a commercial bank and still have the ability to place funds with us. We manage surplus funds for a large number of schools.

Q: How can a school invest with you?

A: If a school is interested in our offering, we can get one of our business cash experts to make an appointment and meet with them in order to understand their requirements. Our business cash experts will take each school through our product offering before building a bespoke quote for them. Our account opening process is quick and easy.


Would you like to find out what Investec can do for your cash investments? Fill in your details below – they will get back to you shortly.

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