School Supplier Speed Dating Event Gauteng – Feedback

ADESSA, EduWeek and SchoolAdvisor held a school supplier networking event sponsored by Investec on the 22nd of February at the Investec offices in Sandton. There were 56 representatives from various school supplier companies present on the day.

Each of the suppliers represented took part in the ‘Speed Dating’ concept where they had one-on-one chats with other suppliers. Each 2-minute chat allowed them to see if there could be synergies with the two companies working together or partnering. Part of SchoolAdvisor and ADESSA’s mandates is to connect suppliers so that school suppliers can better position their products and services to schools and Government.

With EduWeek joining in, the event had the additional support and expertise that was needed to make this ‘speed dating’ event really great. This was the second event of it’s kind, the first having been held in Cape Town in Nov 2016. 

After the event, we sent out a survey asking the attendees for their feedback. Here is what they had to say:

100% of attendees said they would attend another event and 88% were satisfied or very satisfied with the event. Further to that, and, this was key to judging the success of the event – 50% said they were likely or very likely to do business with other suppliers they met at the event.

With over 80% saying they would recommend it to another company to attend, we are happy to announce we will be running more events in the future.

Some of the individual positive feedback included:

  • The food [editor note: Investec provided an amazing spread].
  • It is quick and doesn’t take up hours of small talk to get the relative info.
  • Meeting with like-minded people who want to help raise the standard of education in South Africa.
  • The opportunity to see what products or services are being offered by others and the possibility of finding some form of synergy between companies.
  • Great way to meet new business owners.
  • It’s fast and it opened a few doors. Also, the food was great :).
  • Connecting with other suppliers in a friendly environment.

Constructive criticism included:

With the positive feedback also came some constructive criticism that the organisers are looking to work on for the next event. This included a bigger venue so that there was more space to be able to clearly hear the person you were talking to, more time for each meeting, a longer event so that you can connect with more people, and the ability to pre-select who you will meet with.

Further events are planned for the future, so, drop us a line if you want to be added to the invite list.

The event was sponsored by Investec Business Cash Solutions
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