Matrics are filled with great ideas about their future plans. But what happens when they aren’t accepted into the university of their choice? 

Career expo specialists, 3RC, have over 50 great reviews on SchoolAdvisor. Their Rockingfuture Career Expo concentrates on private institutions to expand your students’ studying and career opportunities. They are an expert when it comes to understanding what other options are available. We asked 3RC some questions about expanding your student’s horizons.

Q1) Why do you believe other post-school studying options are necessary?

Life is simply not the same as what it was 10 years ago. Technology is moving so fast that new jobs are being created as we speak. It is unfortunate that our learners are still being forced to only consider the options that were available when their parents and teachers matriculated. There is so much more out there to consider as exciting career options.

Q2) Are schools aware of alternative post-school studying options? 

Unfortunately, schools and the teachers that guide the youth are not always up to speed with the newest developments in study options. This is largely due to teachers having such a big workload that they don’t have time to explore other options.  

The drop-out rate of first year university students is sitting at a massive 52%. We need to address this. One great way of doing this is by introducing school pupils to the various other career options available. 

Everybody knows about the big 5 (no, not the animals) career choices: Law, Accounting, Engineering, Business, and Medicine. It seems teachers and parents are still encouraging learners to pursue only these obvious career choices. Yes, we understand that they are the cornerstone of the economy and let’s face it, these are career choices that will never become redundant. However, there are other options for learners that are not interested in these more obvious career choices.

Q3) What (alternative to universities) private tertiary institutions are there?

There are many. But, it is very important to understand that only those registered with the DHE, SAQA and other governing bodies like City&Guilds should be seen as viable options for future studies. 

3RC vets every client for certification and long-standing quality education. There are a few really big names in the Private Tertiary space like IIE, the holding group for (Varsity College, Rosebank College, VEGA, Monash University, Capsicum and Private Hotel School), and STADIO the holding group for (Lisof, Embury, AFDA, Milpark, Prestige Academy and Southern Business School).

Then, there are smaller independent institutions like the Academy of Sound Engineering and Animation School; or big groups like Boston Business College and Media house, Inscape Education group and Exercise Teachers Academy (ETA), Istudent and International Hotel School. 

All of these and many more are the clients that join us at our Rockingfuture Career Expo. 

Q4) What is the biggest myth regarding private tertiary education? 

The education received from a private institution is inferior to a state university. Each institution we work with has gone through exactly the same registration and certification process for its courses that a state university does. 

A, BA degree from a Private institution is exactly the same as a BA degree from a state university. 

The major difference is that private institutions are run like companies and not like state-run entities. No striking students, dedicated lecturers, and industry that influences the curriculum. This makes sure students are well equipped to leave the classroom for the world of work.

Practical work experience forms a big part of all the private tertiary curriculums. Classes are smaller and the teaching time is aimed at learning rather than socializing. 

The employment market has changed. Companies that hire realize a private institution education is market-related and these learners come out with practical experience needed in the real world. 

Q5) Will students get the same quality of education when attending a private institution?

Absolutely – No doubt about it. Saying that, I can not stress this enough: “Each student must make sure that their institution of choice has been registered and that their courses are certified with bigger governing bodies.” 

The reality is this that some companies try their luck and put out courses that are worth less than the paper it’s written on. We urge matrics to be vigilant in this regard. 

Q6) What services do you offer?

3RC brings a career expo – Rocking Future Career EXPO – to your school during school hours with 26 private tertiary institutions to educate, motivate and inspire your matric students. 

It is FREE for your school to attend and all we need from you is your hall, all your matric students, and 2 hours of their time. 

We do all of the logistical arrangements for you. No more phoning around to get exhibitors for your own career expo. No setting up and making sure everyone arrives. We do it all. 

During those 2 hours, we introduce your matric students to 26 different options for study after school. We show them video clips on every exhibitor and then they get some time to go and speak to the different representative from each institution. They get to ask all those burning questions like cost, what subject requirements they have, and when they have open days that they can bring their parents to. 

Each learner also receives a “FutureGuide Magazine” that is filled with articles for life after school as well as advertising from our clients that are situated all over South Africa and some abroad.

Q7) What role do you play? 

We have young MC’s that run the choreographed show and make the environment of the expo young and vibrant. We play music, we do prize giveaways and drill home the message that: “The choices they make will determine the future they will have.” 

To our schools, we facilitate a fantastic career expo for their learners and allow the teachers to do what they do best, teach. For 18 years, we have helped teachers expose their students to study options other than the ones everyone knows about. 

Q8) What is the role of the teacher in this process? 

We believe teachers are already doing so much that it’s absolutely impossible to stay abreast with every new development in the world of work. 

We would simply like teachers to allow us access to their matric students so we can help them with this process of informing their students on future study options.

Q9) What schools have you recently worked with? 

Wow! Too many to mention. We visit over 250 high schools annually between January and the end of May.

3RC works with many big groups like the Curro, Abbots, Pinnacle, Catholic schools office and Nizamye. We travel all over Gauteng covering Johannesburg, Vaal, Pretoria and East Rand, and also travel to Pietermaritzburg, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Polokwane and Durban (As far south as Scottburgh and as far north as Richards Bay).

We have rather strict criteria for our schools which includes a 90% matric pass and no less than R15 000 p/a school fee. This allows us to guarantee our tertiary institutions will interact with learners able to study in their institutions.  

You can follow this link to find out more information on how 3RC’s services help students find their dream careers:

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