Selling to schools is like selling in no other market, it has a unique set of challenges that needs a unique team. This sales management course is for sales managers who sell to schools and want to learn new tools from the industry on how to take their sales team to the next level.  

The day is split into 4 sessions, each session is broken down into a 15 min presentation and then 30 minutes of facilitated discussion in groups of 6. Each group will bring together sales managers from non competing industries that will share their tips, experiences and ideas on facing the real challenges that you experience as a sales manager. Each session will include a 10 min activation session where you will brainstorm a sales management challenge.

The focus: learn from real people that daily manage school focused sales teams.

  • Date: 4 Dec 2017, 09:30 – 14:30

  • Venue: Future Learn Offices, 116 Witch-Hazel, Centurion

  • Price: R2,450. Incl lunch and snacks

Each interactive session will follow the sales management process

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3 x 5 min sessions will be made available during the morning so that you can respond to emails and make important calls


09:30 - 10:30 Finding sales people that can sell and can connect with schools is a unique challenge.

This session, 'paired' with coffee and croissants will cover

  • Where do you find good school salespeople
  • Should you recruit teachers
  • What personalities work with what schools
  • What to watch out for
  • Protecting yourself when signing a contract


10:30 - 11:30 It is one thing recruiting a new sales employee, it is another thing to equip them to sell to schools.

This session will cover

  • Quick tips for getting them school ready
  • Creating a positive team dynamic
  • Leveraging your team to train them
  • Why your company’s values need to be instilled into the team

Targets and Incentives

11:45 - 12:45 Simple tweaks with incentives and targets can make a big difference to sales people.

This session will cover

  • How many schools can a salesperson really see in one day
  • Should you map a salesperson to a region or a type of school
  • What incentives beside money really work
  • How targets can be used to remove low achievers

Sales Coaching & Management

13:30 - 14:30 Your team is out selling but how do you manage them yourself to get the best results?

This session, paired with smarties, will cover

  • Does team time work and how to make it work
  • The power of one on one sessions
  • Using numbers to manage a team
  • Coaching different personalities
  • Firing!

This interactive workshop will be presented by Peter Morgan

Peter Morgan

Peter Morgan

In 2009 Peter co-founded d6 Technology, the developer of the d6 School Communicator which offers communication tools to over 2500 schools. Peter was the sales and marketing director. He gained wide experience through managing a sales team that sold to schools in Southern Africa.

On successfully exiting d6, Peter founded SchoolAdvisor, an online platform that helps schools make better purchasing decisions by bringing schools and suppliers together. He has consulted and trained multiple sales teams including Waltons, Macmillan, Nedbank and Impaq. 

Before starting d6 Technology, Peter worked in the film and book industry where he managed the sales and marketing teams that released movies like Faith like Potatoes and Hansie as well as books like Sonja Heroldt’s Meisie van Nigel and Gayton Mckensies’ book The Choice

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