After receiving so much interest from our previous article about SA-SAMS, we thought that we’d update you with the latest news that d6 Education has kindly provided us with. Continue reading to discover why you do not have to to use SA-SAMS as your school’s administration system.

The South African School Administration and Management System (SA-SAMS) is the government-funded school administration system. Based on the current relevant legislation and policies from the Department, the use of SA-SAMS as an administration system is NOT MANDATORY.

SA-SAMS facilitates the collection of data required on a National level by LURITS, the Learner Unit Record Information and Tracking System. Legislation allows the use of ANY School Administration and Management System (SAMS) including, but not limited to, Principal+ provided that it complies with the data format standard and is similar in design (for monitoring and evaluation purposes).

It has come to our attention that certain individuals are informing schools that the use of SA-SAMS as the school’s administration system is compulsory. This is however NOT the case. If you feel that you have been a victim of bullying (illegal, opportunistic or threatening behavior), please click on the button below to securely report the individual/s. This will enable us to take the matter further with the relevant stakeholders.


Why is SA-SAMS important?

It is important that schools utilise any SAMS that complies with the SA-SAMS data format standard and is supported by all relevant policies developed within the Department of Education. Failure to submit the required data to the Department can affect school grants, funding and other government subsidised initiatives.

How does SA-SAMS work?

1. The legislation from the Department of Education requires that all South African schools submit quality data that is secured, validated and deployed within their districts and provinces.
2. The Department of Education then collects, processes, evaluates and monitors the data to submit to LURITS.
3. Feedback files will be returned to the school or district after the data has been submitted to LURITS and processed at a provincial level.
4. Once the encrypted files are received by the school, they can import newly registered LURITS numbers into their systems.

How d6 education can help you to comply with SA-SAMS

How d6 education can help you to comply with SA-SAMS

We supply constant practical support, training sessions, assistance and resources to all schools, and this makes all the difference. d6 education spends a significant amount of time developing products that will improve the accuracy of data submitted by schools to prevent any negative outcomes that may result as an effect of inaccurate data submissions.

The New Leaders Foundation, in partnership with the Department of Education, developed the Valistractor – a tool used to authenticate the quality of data submitted by schools to the Data Driven Districts Dashboard. d6 education supports this process with diligence, with the aim that accurate data is submitted within the required timeframe.

We export data from Principal+, our school management system, into the required SA-SAMS format. The exported database contains all year-to-date data, including the learner marks. Since the SA-SAMS database contains sensitive contact information and the SA-SAMS data might not be secured as the POPI Act requires, we have added a “sensitive” option when exporting data from Principal+, allowing the school to secure contact and address information in order to adhere to the POPI Act as one would expect.

We are assisting our LSEN (Learners with Special Educational Needs) classes and schools, that face various challenges, in the creation of a mainstream validation and submission process to ensure every school has the knowledge pertaining to online submission methods.


SA-SAMS Workshops

Working smarter, not harder

d6 education offers Compliance Workshops to educate and empower schools, irrespective of the school administration system used, to comply with and manage the data regulations and standards required by the Department of Education.

These workshops teach schools easier and less time-consuming methods of submitting weekly, monthly and term submissions. Additionally, we validate and deploy data directly into SA-SAMS to ensure our schools comply at all times.

Should you wish to attend a compliance training workshop, please book here.

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