Revision Assistant is a new product from the folks at Turnitin that is designed to help support secondary students with writing.  Revision Assistant provides both positive and constructive feedback to students while they write in order to help scaffold their writing processes.  It is a stand-alone, web-based resource and is available across all platforms, including mobile devices.

It’s an excellent resource for supporting students through what can be a difficult and complex process, so let’s take a look!
Before jumping into the review, here’s a short introductory video from the Revision Assistant team:

Revision Assistant does this by maintaining a database of exceptional model essays which is what student essays (at the sentence level) are compared against.  A collection of expert teachers have written these essays, as well as the feedback that is provided to students, in order to have a resource that can not only help support students in their writing process, but can also help teachers by freeing up more time to provide individualized feedback.

On the pricing side, Revision Assistant is licensed at the school and district level, and usually runs around $7 per student for district or site-level purchase  The Revision Assistant team will setup your account for you, including importing students into each teacher’s specific classes.

When teachers first login they’ll be taken to their dashboard where they can see their different classes and the assignments they have created for each class.  If you click on Create an Assignment at the bottom, you’ll be asked to give your assignment a name and then taken to the Prompt Library where you can select one of the writing prompts to create an assignment from.

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