We know how important it is for schools to have their sports facilities up to scratch (without a scratch). When the colour of the court has faded and it’s become too slippery due to cracks, etc, you know it’s time to make a plan.

To find out how the sports surface specialists do it, we chatted to Belgotex Sport. We believe their insight and value-added services can help restore your sports surfaces to their full potential.

Q1) From your experience, what challenges do schools face when resurfacing?

Schools are always in need of high-performing playing surfaces that guarantee high quality and UV stability but how do you know what needs to be repaired? They need to consider whether they need to resurface, reseal, or rebuild completely. Not to mention whether or not they need to upgrade the perimeter, netting, pole or remark the surfaces.

It is challenging to find a service provider who will be able to advise them on the type of surface they require and one who has the correct methodology to follow for the resurfacing.  

Q2) What options are available when it comes to resurfacing?

One option for the educational sector is to resurface with a new emulsion. Alternatively, there is the option of using the Belgotex Sport Tennis Turf or the Multi-Sport Click Tile System.

Q3) Who is Belgotex Sport and what services do you provide?

Belgotex Sport is a division of Belgotex which focuses on specialised sports surfaces. We provide a full turnkey solution for Tennis, Netball, Hockey, Football, Athletics, Multi-Sports and various other sporting codes.

Q4) Can you give us an idea of costing tailored to a school’s budget?

At Belgotex Sports, we believe in offering all our school clients a specialised quote that is suitable to their needs. Our quoting process involves a personalised call, consultation and measuring of the area that would require resurfacing.

We hope that you found this information helpful. If you would like to find out more, please visit Belgotex Sport’s website at www.belgotexsports.co.za or fill in the contact form below.

You can also contact one of their branches at the following contact numbers:

Cape Town – 021 763 6900
Johannesburg – 011 380 9300
Pietermaritzburg – 033 897 7500