If you haven’t read it yet, we recently posted an article on using Quicket for school events. Quicket is a fast and effective online ticketing service for small to medium sized events. Within minutes, anyone can create an event profile and start selling tickets through their secure online payment gateway.

We put it to the test

SchoolAdvisor attended the Sahisa Conference 2016. While at the conference, we ran two workshops on “How to get through the gatekeeper” and “How to engage with educators through social media.”

We needed a platform on which to create these events and then invite exhibitors to the events. Having recently chatted to Quicket and seeing their 5-star rating on SchoolAdvsisor, we thought that we’d give their online event creating service a try for ourselves.

After creating an account in about two minutes, the next step was simply to create the two events. Creating an event was unbelievably easy and straight forward. Within 30 minutes, we were able to create both events!

Once the events were created, we had the option to either promote the events on Facebook and Twitter or to simply send the invite out via email.


Overall, we were very impressed with the Quicket online event creating service. Click here to create your first event or click here to view their listing on SchoolAdvisor.