Running a school event is never an easy task, in fact, it can be an administrative nightmare sending staff into a rabbit hole of paperwork and parental gripes.

We all know how much of a headache it can be – collecting money, issuing tickets, tracking what seats are booked and trying to avoid a bunfight between parents etc! Never mind the safety concern of keeping cash on site.

There has to be a better way of doing this right?

Well, maybe there is. We’ve uncovered Quicket, a quicker way to do school events. Quicket is South Africa’s fastest growing online ticketer and they have some incredible features designed exclusively for schools.

Schools across the country are using the platform for all sorts of events and products. Quicket has sold all of the following online:

  • Tickets to musicals, school plays, fashion shows, dinners, P.T.A events etc
  • DVDs
  • School uniforms
  • School lunches
  • School outings
  • Extracurriculars
  • Aftercare payments
  • Raffles, free events and events run by multiple schools at once.

So, how can you post your first event using Quicket and how much does it cost?

Firstly creating events are free of charge – no set-up fees and no obligation!

Go to their website and click the ‘create event’ icon in the top right corner. It will then ask you to register via email. After you have successfully registered, you will then be taken to a page where you can fill in all the details of the events, including contact info, venue, etc, etc. Simply submit the event and voila!

Communicate this event page to parents and the system handles everything else! Parents can book their seats/confirm their attendance, receive a ticket, and even make payment. No more need to print tickets at the school, track payments, or track which seats have been booked. Everything is done for you. Imagine a world with absolutely perfect admin with not one error!

Pricing is easy. Quicket will charge schools a special rate of 4.5% ex VAT on every ticket sold. Build it into your ticket cost. Remember you’re not only paying Quicket to collect your funds and handle payments perfectly but they’re also going to provide flawless administration.

Check out their pricing page to learn more – they have a nifty price calculator that you can use to work out exactly how much it will cost. For the effort saved, we believe they are worth every cent.

Just a few of the cool features you have access to when creating a school event through Quicket

  1. Free tickets for free events
  2. Free complementaries
  3. Customised data collection and protection
  4. The ability to keep your event on private
  5. A school box office free of charge
  6. Free seating plans
  7. Colourful merchandise catalogue for uniforms, activities and just about anything you can think of selling.
  8. Software so easy to use – your students could do it!
  9. Thorough reporting and accounting.
  10. Embeddable ticketing on your school website


We think Quicket can not only save you a lot of time and effort but will also remove a lot of the strain that is experienced when running a school event. They help you at a fraction of the cost of other ticketers while offering a niche product and really, really awesome service.

Let them know if you’d like more information on their offering or sign up for free here.

You can also request a demo by filling in your details below:

Who is using Quicket?

Quicket works with over 50 schools across the country but here are a few:

Schools Using Quicket

And here’s what some of these schools have to say about them on SchoolAdvisor:

Amazing Platform

Event Ticketing, Quicket
I couldn’t be happier with the service I have received from the team at Quicket. So helpful and accommodating, we have tried and tested the system in many different ways and each time it just seems to get better. We have set up field trips, musical events, extracurricular activities and so many other events which all have done better than we could have hoped. I don’t know of a better system and a better team to do the job.
Posted by Bianca, from International School of Hout Bay.

Event Ticketing

Event Ticketing, Quicket
Our School has recently signed up with Quicket through whom to do the School’s events ticket. Sales and after sales are exceptional and the system is extremely user-friendly and takes away the ticketing hassles of doing it in-house.
Posted by David ,Business Manager from Cannons Creek Independent School.