We spoke to our number one reviewer, Sean Friedenthal of Curro Century City.
With over 20 reviews submitted on our platform, we asked Sean what he enjoys about using our platform.

Q: Why have you written so many reviews?
A: I love that SchoolAdvisor saves me time and money. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, as all the companies that supply to schools are easily reachable via one platform.

Q: What do you like most about the platform?
A: For me, the main benefit of the SchoolAdvisor platform is that you completely avoid all the scam artists and individuals who are trying to rip you off. All the companies that I have dealt with on the platform are legitimated through the review process.

Q: Do you have a favourite supplier?
A: My favourite supplier would have to be Ribbens, as they are one of our biggest suppliers. We at Curro Century City have a very good relationship with them. Their services are exceptional and their after-sales service is even better. They are an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Q: Do you believe that the SchoolAdvisor platform adds value to the education sector in South Africa?
A: Well… the economy dictates the type of products and services that a school can afford. It is my view that SchoolAdvisor cuts through all the hard work and allows me the opportunity to search for the best product at the best price by getting advice from the right people – fellow educators. It is far more efficient than having to sift through my business card wallet and then to go through the laborious task of googling competitors.    

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