Python is a great general-purpose language, that can be used to build almost anything and is made easy for web development, scientific computing, artificial intelligence and data analysis, with developers using it for games (play around with PyGames, a cool game engine to build with and start out simply), desktop apps and productivity tools.  Its designed to be easy and fun, fun being the operative word and you will find some of the beginner tools referencing Monty Python as you quickly build prototypes and tools with the easy to use resources.

Founded in 1991 by developer Guido Van Rossum, Python is the best beginner user-friendly language, replacing Java in top American universities.

Because Python reads like the English language there is no syntax-learning stress (do coding in fewer steps as compared to Java or C++), while it works out the complex elements for you – beginners get to focus on learning the programming concepts without getting overloaded with details.

There are no hard rules when building features with more flexibility to problem solve using various methods – so Python is known as a dynamically typed language which makes it really flexible.

Understanding how good Python is, you just need to take a look at the community behind this open source language and where it is being used in your daily life. 

What is great about the programming world is that it is all about giving and receiving help and having that resource is key – so obviously the larger the community the more help is out there.  To give you an indication of the size of the Python community, as a coding beginner there is a programming question and answer site for beginners, StackOverlow, that has 85900 followers, there are over 600 000 members on in over 1300 groups and on GitHub you can look for a function someone else may have already built with over 900 Python projects there.

Because Python is open source there are new versions every year keeping it relevant, and for it to stay relevant it needs to be fed by a community – with Pythons large community there is simply no shortage of fresh blood.  It has everything it needs in place to stay relevant.

PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language Index ranks Python the number 1 language, currently owning 28.24% of the ranking, with Java bringing up the second with only 19.99%.  For more details on how all the languages rank click here for rankings that are indexed by “the more a language tutorial is searched, the more popular the language is assumed to be. It is a leading indicator. The raw data comes from Google Trends.” #WorthCheckingOut

Wondering if it’s really worth learning Python? 

According to the Angel list, it is the skill with the highest average salary offered and the second most in demand, especially as big data is becoming more important and Python can be integrated into web applications.

Some of the most well know Apps use Python like Spotify and Instagram.

Instagram has changed the world in social media with over 400 million active daily users, changing our experience of digital photography by making it instant, accessible and widespread with users taking pictures, editing and sharing online.  Frankly Python is behind the App that changed the rules of marketing and proved that Python is definitely scalable.

Pinterest is one of the webs most used Apps and has used Python since day one to deal with huge amounts of content rapidly, as users  bookmark images, collect and share them with other users.

Almost everyone is too exposed to another well-known in our daily lives, Dropbox, the file hosting service.  Interestingly they recently migrated from Python 2.7 to Python 3 making it one of the largest Python 3 migrations ever.

Did you know that Python is portable meaning it works on many platforms from Linux to PC to PlayStation?

And let us not leave out Uber who have massive amounts of calculations to execute as they pick up and drop rides, manage food deliveries and ride-sharing between users, operating in over 780 metro areas across the globe, with over 100 million users.  Python handles these large amounts of data to keep us going with Uber, a company who needs an application to be secure and reliable.

Reddit, a social news aggregator, popular with our NextGen Z’s specifically, has over 540 million monthly visitors.  What is interesting here is Reddit was originally written in Common Lisp but when Reddit looked at the development flexibility and code libraries of Python they made the switch. In the Python circle, Reddit is known to be one of the most impressive Python Apps as users post multimedia content in thousands of categories with voting, and using a localization platform users help translate into 89 different languages.  A massive workload with complex functionality.  Python handles.

Python is used because its cheap with its simplicity making for reliability.  And large companies have learnt this, from NASA to Google and back to our favourite tried and tested Apps.  Python is it.

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