So, you’re thinking about ordering phonic workbooks for 2018. Maybe you weren’t, but here is a good reason to.

Phonix in a Box is a top-rated supplier on SchoolAdvisor and schools absolutely love their workbooks and their fantastic customer service. They are a South African company who produces all of their products locally.

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Choose from their range of phonic workbooks for Grades 0 through 6. Note: The spelling books are available in two different fonts – 1) Primary Font (also known as “ball and stick” or “Teacher’s Pet”) and 2) Sassoon (Nelson) font. Grades 0-3 are available in both fonts and Grade 4-6 books are all in the Sassoon Font.

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Note to the parents/teachers

These books teach phonics by grouping letters (graphemes) according to the same sound (phoneme) e.g. a  ai  a-e  ay. Literacy success is strongly linked to well-developed phonemic awareness skills.

As children learn to identify vowel and consonant sounds in words and recognise the letter combinations that are associated with that sound, they will grow in confidence with literacy tasks.

As they learn to link letters and sounds, they will develop the necessary auditory skills that are needed for spelling and reading. The worksheets in all the workbooks reinforce vocabulary, language and phonemic awareness skills, while children learn to apply their phonic knowledge.

How the books work:
  • Monday: learners learn and copy the words from list one
  • Tuesday: learners learn and copy the words from list two
  • Wednesday: learners learn and copy the words from ‘common’ words and/or extension words
  • Thursday:  learners complete the worksheet to apply their phonic knowledge
Benefits for teachers:
  • A uniformed, progressive scheme from Grades R to 6
  • Designed by a Speech-Language Therapist to ensure phonetic accuracy and thorough inclusion of all the relevant phonemes and graphemes
  • Compatible with most phonic systems
  • Inclusion of important vocabulary, language and phonemic awareness concepts i.e. rhyming words, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, proverbs, similes, collective nouns, tenses etc.
  • Opportunity for learners to practise using all the graphemes for a particular phoneme i.e.     e   ee   ea   ey    y
  • Saves you precious time and paper
  • Cost-effective: one workbook per learner
  • Beautifully illustrated to keep learners motivated and interested
  • Useful for parents to be involved with their children’s homework and understand the school’s phonic system better

Tip:  Encourage learners to look at each word, ‘sound it out’ and then blend the sounds together by saying the word out loud. Parents can then cover the word and encourage the child to write it on the line provided.

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