All teachers love record-keeping

We know how much almost all teachers love admin duties. Okay, yeah, so admin can be the biggest pain in the neck for teachers who have enough to do already. I mean, as if teaching kids, communicating with parents, coaching the soccer team wasn’t enough, we have to do admin on top of all that?! We hear you teachers, and we think you might like to hear how some other schools are looking at ways to simplify record-keeping. We scooped up this article from EdTech Digest:

Trends in paperless schools and enterprise content management technology

Schools in both K-12 and higher education are transforming classrooms to keep pace with technology. Technology adoption in other operations—such as HR, accounting, and record-keeping—however, traditionally trails that of classrooms as institutions continue to rely on paper-driven protocol. Some schools are looking to change that with enterprise content management (ECM) technology, which has implications beyond going paperless.

More Accessible Digital Student Records

Paperless isn’t so much of a trend as it is a necessity for many schools and school districts. Record-keeping regulations require schools to store and secure documents dating back years, sometimes decades—and boxes or filing cabinets filled with paper cost money and space to store. Additionally, searching and retrieving records in a traditional paper filing system and physically routing them can result in lost documents and shipping costs.

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