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2803, 2019

Parrot Products Introduces ParrotEdu Solutions

Parrot Products's reputation precedes them. They have been providing high-quality products to schools for some time now. To expand on their awesome reputation (just check some of their reviews on SchoolAdvisor), they now offer three interactive solutions that enhance engagement, [...]

2603, 2019

Cashless Solutions for Schools

Solving the problem of cash and driving economic inclusion, one school at a time Pretoria, Gauteng: In light of the recent surge in cash in transit heists, the d6 group has committed to finding a solution through the utilisation of [...]

2603, 2019

What Can South African Educators Do to Truly Improve Learning?

ITSI are a top-rated EdTech company on SchoolAdvisor. They are hosting their 2nd annual Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) seminar in May. We think you can seriously benefit from attending. See details below. Date: 27 May ’19 @ 7:30 am – 28 May [...]

1403, 2019

South African EdTech Company Launches Free E-Learning Platform

CAPE TOWN, 20 February 2019 Limited access to digital tools due to cost restrictions, a lack of technical know-how, and device integration restrictions have been consistent problems for educational institutions in emerging markets. To tackle this problem head on and [...]