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108, 2019

Python is behind your favourite Apps including Uber

Python is a great general-purpose language, that can be used to build almost anything and is made easy for web development, scientific computing, artificial intelligence and data analysis, with developers using it for games (play around with PyGames, a cool [...]

3007, 2019

Learning technology is not all the hype

What research tells us are the best ways to achieve good outcomes with learning technology   [8 July 2019] - Pearson has released a paper ‘Beyond the Hype: Digital learning based on learning science’ in which an expert in teaching [...]

2507, 2019

Mind Action Series: Mathematics GR 12

INTRODUCING NEW ONLINE VIDEO TUTORIAL EPISODE 1: The meaning of The Counting principle EPISODE 2: The Counting Principle Gr 12, with repetition EPISODE 3: The Counting Principle Gr 12, without repetition ALL ACCESS FREE OF CHARGE The Counting Principle GR [...]

2507, 2019

For the attention of the School Principal and Head of Sport

Synsport is a leading supplier & installer of synthetic sports surfaces in South Africa, having built our first synthetic sports field in 1994.  To date we have constructed 125 full size synthetic sports fields across the country. Our experience, knowledge, [...]