Every now and again someone does something very simple for free. This is one of these occasions. Meet Evan Stout, a teacher who has managed to use a free Google site to organise his full classroom.

Hundreds of companies are trying to simplify your classroom and sell you a service. Before you go ahead with any of them, see if you can first use Google.

Click here to see Evan’s site. It isn’t pretty but it does the job effectively.

On it he includes:
■ Contact information – so students can get in touch
■ Class Announcements – to share what’s going on
■ Shout outs – to recognize hard work
■ Grades or Mastery Tracking – to share progress
■ Study Guides – to promote study habits
■ Classwork / Homework – for kids to keep up
■ Extra Credit or Accelerated – for kids to advance themselves
■ Helpful Links (content, videos, tools) – to expand opportunities

Read the following article on EdSurge where he goes into more detail about the different sections and integration opportunities.

Well done Evan.