SchoolAdvisor sat down with the CEO of Books 24/7, Hentie Gericke, to chat about the changing trend in schools getting their parents to order textbooks online.

Buying textbooks is a major frustration for many teachers, eating away hours of valuable time and distracting them from their core focus. As Hentie says, ‘The aim of teaching is to teach, not to order textbooks!’

Schools like CBC Parklands, Sans Souci Girls’, Curro Durbanville, Oranje Meisieskool, HS Swartland, Camps Bay High, Camps Bay Primary, Table View High, HS Durbanville, Blouberg Ridge Primary are now setting a new example, by getting parents to order textbooks online.

What these schools show us is that this is not only for top end private schools in urban areas, but that schools anywhere in the country can benefit from ordering textbooks online.

So, how does it work?

Schools can submit their textbook list to Books 24/7, who then place it on their easy-to-use online system. Schools also let the parents know that they can get their required list of textbooks from Books24/7 or easily online.

All parents have to do is go to, select their school and grade from the drop-down, and then select the books – only the ones they want. Click ‘Checkout’ and voila!

Why do these schools love it?

For this simple reason – ordering textbooks has now been put into the hands of the parents.

Instead of trying to invoice parents, get money from them, or place mass orders with suppliers – the parents are now responsible. This is a real kicker for the school.

What is also great is that the team at Books 24/7 handle all the support, so no parents calling the school.

Why do parents love it?

Freedom of choice: parents have the freedom to choose to go to a bookshop directly, pick up a second-hand copy, or simply buy the books online.

It saves parents time and effort: the time and effort it takes to get to a bookstore or send cash to the school, parents might as well have just paid for it online and had it delivered.

So, what’s the catch?

What we really love about the Books 24/7 model is that it only costs R80 per delivery. No matter how many textbooks you order or where you are based, it always costs R80. You always know what you are in for.

For the average parent, R80 is worth the simplicity. And remember: no petrol was used to get to the shop, no parking fee was paid, and no time was wasted, wondering where your textbooks are.

Books 24/7 represents all the major publishers, so your parents won’t be missing out, but instead, now have an option now that makes their life easier. They will pay the same price for a textbook online as they would at their local bookshop.

Why Books 24/7?

Visiting a company like Books 24/7 puts us at peace that you are with a team that you can trust. They have been running the online textbook ordering system for 3 years now with 16 schools currently using it.

Together, Books24/7 team have hundreds of years of experience in the field. With all that experience, they have recognised that ordering online makes life so much simpler for schools, parents, and learners.

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Hentie winning the Educational Bookseller of the year 2014 awardHentie winning the Educational Bookseller of the year 2014 award.  Image from


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