Founded in 2008, BMS Education is a Level-1 B.E.E. supplier of quality educational and ICT equipment to over 400 educational institutions within South Africa and its neighbouring countries in the SADC. With a web catalogue containing over 5000+ products, they certainly cover all the bases.

Their product range covers subjects such as Physical Science, Chemistry, Life Science, Maths and Technology and includes: Early Childhood development resources, Chemicals, Electronics Engineering, Materials testing, Civil Engineering, Interactive Whiteboards, Educational Software, Datta Logging, Visualizers, Laboratory Furniture, Mobile units, Fume cupboards, Stools and as well as Scientific gifts for the enthusiast!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of their online teaching material. All the products used in the below lessons are provided by BMS, meaning you can purchase them for your school.

Internal Resistance

The aim of this practical is to determine the Internal Resistance of cells in a battery.

Series vs Parallel

The aim of this practical is to determine the effect of brightness in bulbs connected in Series vs Parallel in a circuit.

Transpiration (Trans Poto)

The aim of this practical is to show how Transpiration takes place in a laurel leaf using a Ganongs Potometer and food colouring.

So, if you are looking for affordable educational lab equipment, click here to find out more about what BMS Education has to offer your school.