Review by Ina Koen at St. John’s Diocesan School for Girls

My Cyberwall has all the elements needed for the teaching of all the required curriculum subjects from grade 4 to grade 7 and more. Not only is it fully aligned with the CAPS requirements, but the work is presented in an interesting and colourful way.

There are links to safe sites and additional information already researched, saving the teacher hours of internet surfing and checking that it is age appropriate. Furthermore, there are direct links to safe and suitable web activities and videos. An online dictionary and encyclopedia are also readily available.

The activities for each section can be done online with immediate feedback and printed and kept for reference if necessary.

All the above is found in one section of My Cyberwall called ‘Get Smart’. There are 6 other sections, namely, ‘Live Life’, ‘Meet the Gang’, ‘Play’, ‘Save Your Planet’ and ‘Widget Walk’.

The modules in the ‘Live Life’ section need to be activated by an adult as it deals with some sensitive issues. ‘Meet the Gang’ have members of the “Cyberwall gang” giving advice about dealing with issues at home or at school. ‘Play’ contains a selection of educational games and ‘Save Your Planet’ deals with environmental issues. Lastly, ‘Widget Wall’ is where you can go and change your wall and add widgets. There is also an option to send an email message.

There is a calendar with a month, week, day, or year option, where the learner can put all the events in their day or week. The price is also very good value for money and different licensing options are available.

In conclusion, My Cyberwall has it all. In a nutshell, information, additional links and videos, current issues of interest for young learners, and fun elements. I can highly recommend this excellent online resource for all schools, educators, and parents – in short, anybody interested in giving their child (children) an exciting and safe way to learn.
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