It can be a nightmare choosing the best option for communicating with parents, but there are options that work. The new kids on the block, My Community, claim to offer one of the best ways to communicate with parents, staff and pupils in one app.. We put them up to the test to find out if their claims are true and what else they have to offer.

Research indicates that parental engagement is key to a pupil’s success. Every school wants to convey news and other vital information to parents, sometimes on a daily basis, but the traditional models don’t work.

SMS is expensive and limited to 140 characters. Facebook and Twitter are cluttered. Parents are receiving too many emails and school newsletters are ignored. We all know that WhatsApp has it challenges too.

Tailored apps pave the way

Apps are the perfect solution for schools because they can be downloaded and personalised to allow the school to talk directly to parents. All school information is easily found in one place on your smartphone or tablet.

Apps are ‘opt-in’, which means that you are not annoying anybody. Schools are guaranteed a receptive audience that can be tracked and analysed. There is even the option of sending push notifications.

Some of the features that set My Community apart from other school-parent communication apps

My Community has a lot to offer schools. The features can all be experienced on the app, as this, we can see, is the easiest way to communicate. You can download the app on your Android or iOS device now and try it out for free.

Tailored ‘communities’

My Community can be used by School Principals, Administrators, Classroom Teachers, Clubleaders, Sport Coaches, House Parents, Student Representatives, and many more.

The app allows you to have multiple communities in one app. Communities can be created that are public (anyone can join), secure (members can request access but must be approved) and private (members can only be invited). These options greatly increase how you communicate. These communities only receive information that is relevant to them, they can get the latest notifications, news, events, media and resources.

Examples: You can have a secure community for your preschool; a public community for your school; a public community for your alumni; or a private community for your teachers and school governing body – you decide.


We really like it that you can use this app on literally any platform. It is available on the following devices: Apple iPhone or iPad, any Android device. Additionally, you can download the app for your PC or laptop from the Chrome store. You can also access the web app from any modern browser (including from your Blackberry or Nokia phones).

With My Community being predominantly app focused, parents, teachers and students can reap the various benefits that using an app offers.

Send messages directly from the app – a stand-out functionality that sets My Community apart

We find it very useful that one can easily create, edit, and publish messages from the app on your phone.  All the functionality is available on your phone via the app. You can: manage all your user groups, approve messages, create groups, manage members, and even nominate an advertiser.

For instance, a teacher can publish daily homework straight from her own smartphone. This can be made available directly to the pupils or parents. A sports coach can easily set up a parents lift group for the weekend’s game, invite the parents, and then keep them up to date.

This stand-out functionality opens up communication and speeds up the time it takes to get your message out. It also decreases the burden on admin staff.  We believe this functionality is the key next step in improving communication with your parents.

My Community is the choice communicator for dozens of schools

In summary, we think With My Community stack up well as a powerful school-parent communication tool. Parents stay informed of all new activities at school, not missing any important events. Teachers can publish daily homework for both students and parents to see.

What someone had to say about My Community:

“This is a great product. We’ve been using it for a while and it works very well. Excellent customer service and it’s free!

Parents always know what is going on at school and receive information through a private channel. No unauthorised people can have access to information posted.

I would recommend it to all organisations who need to communicate with their members.”


All in all, we think they have hit it on the head. If you are rethinking your current or are looking for a new communication app, we recommend that you check them out. My Community is the choice communicator for dozens of schools and they currently hold a 5-star rating on SchoolAdvisor.

My Community is free for the school and the parents, try it out now.
1) Visit their website  
2) Or download the app: Android or iOS
3) Create your first community (it is completely free)

P.s. If you are looking to raise funds, you can share in the revenue from your app if you nominate advertisers.

Video explaining My Community: