As most learners today are immersed in the digital environment, SchoolAdvisor enjoys finding companies who innovate learning through technology. Pearson is one such company. Pearson has developed a learning tool that meets them where they are most comfortable… on their phones. X-kit Achieve Mobile helps learners to prepare for tests and exams on their cell phones.

This is the second of a 2-part article series on X-kit Achieve Mobile. In part 1, we detail the benefits using X-kit Achieve Mobile as a learner in an individual capacity. Here, in part 2, we delve into how you, as a teacher can use it as a powerful resource for the whole class.

X-kit Achieve Mobile offers you an easy and cost effective mobile learning solution

Based on a solid theory of learning, you can use X-kit Achieve Mobile in your classroom to engage learners and help them improve their results. Content and quizzes are layered into difficulty levels which challenge the learner to develop the necessary skills to move up the ladder and master each subject.

With X-kit Achieve Mobile, you can set class assignments and draw rich reports on learner performance. The self-marked quizzes also save you time and the reports generated can be used as evidence of formative assessments.

X-kit Achieve Mobile for schools makes it easy and cost effective to bring the benefits of mobile learning into the classroom with the following features:

  • Provide learners with additional support and exam preparation
  • Assign quizzes for homework
  • View learner scores from automatically marked quizzes
  • Receive reports and view overall progress of the class
  • Use reports to inform classroom teaching

All the features, summarised

X-kit Achieve Mobile Features

’’X-kit Achieve Mobile has given more of my learners the confidence to start engaging in classroom discussions about Mathematics content.”

– Grade 8 teacher from Gauteng using X-kit Achieve Mobile in her Maths class

How to get X-kit Achieve Mobile for your school

In five simple steps, teachers can bring the benefits of mobile learning into their classrooms:
1) Visit
2) Purchase the required number of licenses. A license needs to be purchased for each learner.
3) A Pearson representative will contact you to complete a registration form so we can assign the correct number of users to your unique voucher code.
4) The teacher will receive the voucher code via email.
5) Learners register on X-kit Achieve Mobile and redeem the voucher code.

The teacher and learner will have lifetime access to X-kit Achieve Mobile.

SchoolAdvisor firmly believes that mobile learning can be a fun and easy way to motivate your learners to prepare for exams. With X-kit Achieve having already proven to be such an essential resource for schools, we have no doubt X-kit Achieve Mobile can become the next step forward for schools looking for a mobile learning resource.

Individual learners can also purchase topics on X-kit Achieve Mobile on their own – or on the Android app.

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