Microsoft announced in June that it had acquired LinkedIn for the large sum of $26.2 billion. What does this deal mean for SA schools and how can they benefit from it?

We asked GOAL2WORK, the pros of job search training in SA, how the Microsoft/LinkedIn deal affects job search. GOAL2WORK strive to help South African students acquire the needed skills to secure a job.

Q: Why is LinkedIn so powerful?

A: If we look at LinkedIn from a recruitment perspective – it is a very powerful tool. It grants recruitment consultants access to candidate profiles which contain more than just their qualifications and work history.

Using tools such as endorsements, publications, causes you care about, volunteer experience, honours, and awards, LinkedIn guides its users through building a powerful and professional online profile.

Beyond that, it gives the recruitment consultant an idea of the candidate’s personality enabling them to not only match a candidate to the required skills and experience but also to the company culture.

Q: Why would Microsoft pay billions for it?

A: There are quite a number of reasons, but I like the way Rob Salkowitz puts it in his article Why Did Microsoft Buy LinkedIn? Ask Cortana: LinkedIn is a treasure-trove of data and I believe that the data collected by LinkedIn over the years is worth every cent of the 26.2 billion dollars.

Q: What role does LinkedIn play in getting a job?

A: In the GOAL2WORK Programme, we discuss the importance of networking. No matter your age or level of experience, networking is a crucial part of a well-rounded job search.

LinkedIn is a professional social media network and what better way to stay connected and manage your network than through LinkedIn? Another element discussed and reiterated throughout the GOAL2WORK programme is the importance of building and managing your personal brand.

LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to link with, follow, and contribute to your industry and related developments, showing off your passion, and building your brand.

Q: Are South African schools equipping their students to use a tool like LinkedIn?

A: From our experience – no. LinkedIn, although a professional social media network, is still social media and considered a distraction in the classroom. We believe that if taught and managed correctly, LinkedIn and other social media networks can be a powerful job search tool.

Q: Do you teach students how to effectively use LinkedIn and other social media tools to find jobs?

A: Yes, finding a job has become much more complicated in recent years. Sending your CV to companies and responding to job ads is no longer good enough. An effective job search is the coordination of a combination of activities, of which, managing your social media networks, in particular, LinkedIn, has become key.

Would you like to get your students equipped and up-to-speed with the skills they need to search for jobs? Then GOAL2WORK are the go-to guys.

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