Math4Teachers has recently been listed on SchoolAdvisor. We were impressed with their teacher-math training and learner-exam preparation offerings. So, to find out more about what they offer, we spoke to Adelle of Math4Teachers who told us a little more.

Q: What does Math4Teachers provide?

A: We offer CAPS-aligned Math lesson plans for Grade 5-10 learners. A complete explanation and discussion of each subject will be provided in order for the teacher to be able to use the full lesson plan in class.

We supply a worksheet and a memo per subject with practical examples. The teacher can use these lesson plans in class and can also copy the worksheets and distribute them to students as homework. The work can then be marked the following day by the students themselves using the memo provided. It is always ideal if the student can mark his or her own work.

Q: How will these tools help Teachers and Pupils?

A: Teaching is probably one of the most time-consuming professions out there. Our lesson plans will help reduce the time it takes teachers to prepare lesson plans and homework. This will free up time for teachers to work on those special projects they never seem to have time for.

Another problem is that some schools find themselves in the unfortunate position of not having qualified math teachers on their staff. The school, in effect, has to rely on teachers who specialise in other subjects to help teach math. In this case, our lesson plans can be used to educate teachers about the lesson plan before using it in class.

Q: What schools are presently using your resources?

A: We do not have specific schools using our products but do have individual teachers and parents purchasing and using our products. Teachers who have used our products have given us a 4 out of 4 rating. We strive to maintain this high standard.

Q: What can a school expect to pay for these tools?

A: Our lesson plans are all priced at R45 each. The school can also purchase lesson plan bundles at a special rate. In addition to lesson plans, we sell online textbooks (prices vary depending on the grade).

Q: Who is behind Math4Teachers?

A: The person in charge of Math4Teachers content is: Marinda Coetsee
Marinda’s qualifications:
B.Sc. (Math and Mathematical Statistics) ; B.Ed. ; M.Ed. (Math. Education)
Marinda’s experience:
Teaching Gr 11 & 12 at a Secondary school for boys for 32 years (Afrikaans Hoër Seunskool); Head of the Math Department for 10 years.

Because of her vast teaching experience, Marinda knows exactly how to prepare math students for their final matric exam. She knows the skills pupils need to have by the end of their school career and thus all our lesson plans and worksheets from Grade 5 onwards will assist teachers and pupils to reach this goal.

Mathematics is about work, work, and more work. Mathematics will help create a great work ethic and this will assist students greatly with their studies after school as well as when joining the workforce one day.

Q: What is ACTIVE participation?

A: Learners benefit more if they have the information to teach and learn by themselves – we call this ACTIVE participation in building your own knowledge. Pupils learn more about a subject if they are allowed to research the subject themselves. They will also understand concepts better by completing worksheets and then marking the work themselves. This will allow them to pinpoint where they made mistakes, what the mistakes were, and how to fix those mistakes.

You need to succeed in, and learn to love math. Math4Teachers is dedicated and committed to improving mathematics education in our country.

Some examples of our work:

Match4Teachers - Rotation

Match4Teachers - Rotation

Maths4Teachers - Substitution into an expression

Math4Teachers - 3D Shapes

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