Do you spend a significant amount of money on the maintenance, upkeep, and upgrading of your school facilities – yet they are underutilised? Some of the trickiest things when renting school facilities are preventing duplication bookings, forgetting what bookings have already been agreed to or the tediousness of setting up an effective and well-organized manual solution.

We’ve discovered an easy-to-use software solution that can solve all your facility booking and maintenance admin pains. We chatted to Brent Lloyd from iTech to find out how their software can simplify this process for your school.

Q1) How do schools use their facilities to generate extra revenue?

By promoting and renting out their facilities (using our Facilities Management Booking and Maintenance tool) to external parties, schools will generate additional income. These facilities could include, for eg, sports fields, netball, squash and tennis courts, the school hall, swimming pool, audio visual environments or even the school bus.

Furthermore, our Facilities Management Booking and Maintenance tool also provides for the hiring out of “subhirables” (eg tables, chairs and audio equipment). Additional revenue streams enable the school to improve existing facilities and roll out new facilities which in turn will increase the revenue stream.

Q2) What are some of the challenges that they are faced with?

  • Repeat bookings and maintenance scheduling can be tedious and difficult to manage.
  • Schools deploying separate booking and maintenance management solutions (software, spreadsheet or possibly hand-written) run the risk of “double” booking a facility or subhirables.
  • Maintenance of a facility may coincide with a booking, rendering the facility unusable.
  • Correctly timed preparation of facilities for use is critical (eg mowing of the cricket field before a match).
  • Internal resources (eg cleaning personnel or groundsmen) may be insufficient or over utilised in preparation (maintenance) of facilities prior to use.
  • Keyholder assignment and responsibility for unlocking and locking the facility once the event has concluded.

Q3) How does your software solve these challenges?

Facility Bookings and Management is a software solution comprised of multiple modules designed to run in a Microsoft networked environment whether on a virtual private server or a LAN environment.

The various modules have been designed to perform specific groups of tasks. The modules are namely:

Bookings – booking out of facilities to customers
Maintenance and Projects – scheduling of maintenance and projects to facilities
Facilities and Subhirables – management of the various facilities, subhirables, tasks and other system lists
Customers and Billing – management of customer accounts and all billing aspects
Purchases and Suppliers – management of suppliers and purchase items including all ordering aspects, stock planning and stock valuations
Financial Reports – detailed sales and cost reports
Administration – all system management options including users, audits and budgets.

The included context sensitive user guide (also available on the website as a pdf download or via the online html help details installation and operation.

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