EdTech suppliers: When administrators decide on the best EdTech to use for their school, what are the things you must keep in mind? Why have they chosen that brand or that device? Was it easy for them to decide?

I’m guessing it wasn’t at all an easy decision to make. Some may have gone with brand recognition, while others choose what a colleague or friend recommends. Others simply put off the decision.

Administrators have so much on their plate that taking the time to dive into the details just doesn’t seem possible. So what can you do? Let’s discover how to make EdTech purchasing painless and effective.

When educators and administrators walk through the schoolhouse doors every day, they have dozens of things to focus on, not the least of which, of course, is educating all types of students.

Running districts and schools requires an incredible amount of attention to detail and anything can—and often does—happen: from sick kids to parental complaints to budget cuts to a flat tire on the school bus.

So it’s no wonder that decisions on how to choose an edtech provider, while important, tend to get buried in the daily crush of urgent activity.

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