Do you know how much water is wasted when you do not do constant maintenance on your toilet facilities? We spoke to Suntricity, a 5-star rated company to find out more. Here is what they had to say about the importance of constant maintenance of school toilet facilities.

“Every Drop Counts”

From data captured through Real-Time Monitoring in schools in Johannesburg, Suntricity has found that there is (what we term) a “Base Waste” of around 10 KL (Kilo Litres) of water each day…at some schools, this wastage could be much more. 10 KL (the volume detailed on Municipal Invoices) is, of course, a colossal 10 000 Litres! Yes, 10 000 Litres of Water wasted each day.

At one particular (and this occurrence is very common) school, our Real-Time Monitoring (RTM) data indicated a constant consumption of approximately 300 Litres every 15-minutes Outside of School Hours.

An investigation was carried out with the school’s Caretaker, where we found that of the 36-toilets in the school, there were six (6) with small running leaks. We estimated that each leak (basically the toilet running slightly and very silently), would be responsible for 3 Litres per minute, which of course is 180 Litres each hour and 4 320 Litres each day. 6 Toilets x 4 320 Litres = 25 920 Litres of WATER WASTED each day.

Without Real-Time Monitoring, the scale of these kinds of leaks can go undetected for months. The 2016 Average Cost of Water (including Sewage) in Johannesburg is R44.50 per KL. This results in: 25.92 KL at a cost of R44.50 ±R1 100.00 per day of WASTED WATER.

We cannot over emphasize the importance of daily maintenance of the toilet facilities at schools. With over 1 000 learners at school, the already ageing infrastructure is under constant strain. The repairs to cistern leaks and dripping taps are very cost effective.

Good practice:

At one of the schools’ Suntricity is presently monitoring, the Caretaker has a dedicated person, whose responsibility it is to check and verify at the beginning of every day, if any of the toilets at the school has a leak or if there are any taps dripping.

Leaks and dripping taps are immediately repaired. A 3-Litre per minute problem is barely visible. However, the multiplication scale in schools will have a major effect on your water costs each month.

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