Bacteria are almost everywhere. They float around causing illnesses to those exposed to them. And, a school environment is one that allows bacteria to spread fast.

For generations, the World Health Organisation has advocated that poor hand hygiene is at the forefront of common illnesses which can be prevented.

Waterless anti-bacterial hand sanitiser that kills bacteria in > 1 minute

There is now an affordable and waterless solution to this problem. Lunch-box buddy is a tested waterless anti-bacterial hand sanitiser that dehydrates and effectively kills bacteria in less than a minute.

The 2ml sachet can be placed in a child’s lunch-box as a visual reminder to practice hand hygiene prior to eating. The visual reminder instils the habit of washing hands before eating, therefore, preventing bacteria from transferring into the body causing illnesses.

If you are interested in making sure your students remain healthy, you can purchase lunch-box buddy from Pick n Pay stores nationwide. You can also get in touch with Green Logik SA directly by visiting their listing on SchoolAdvisor here.

There are 60 sachets in a pack (term pack), as well as 50ml and 300ml bottles. You can also purchase the same quality gel in a wall dispenser form.

Lunch-Box Buddy Waterless Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser2 - Lunch-Box Buddy Waterless Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser