We would like to introduce you to Limu, a virtual learning tool which correlates learning and teaching resources onto one easily manageable portal.

Limu (the Swahili word for ‘learn’), incorporates the whole teaching ecosystem, allowing interaction between learners, teachers, and parents.

What if you are ‘old school’ – what if you like paper?

Xola Ndziba (at 23 years old), founded Limu. While at university, he experienced the transition from paper to an online platform. He saw how universities were able to operate in a paperless environment and this sparked a flame in Xola.

He questioned why schools aren’t making use of such technology yet and why is it only exclusive to universities at the moment?

We can split Limu’s features up into three parts.

Firstly, for learners

  • Learners can access their work from anywhere, anytime. For example, learners can access worksheets, past papers, and announcements that are posted by the teacher.
  • Limu removes the frustration learners experience when paging through files, looking for the correct material.
  • Limu allows learners to view homework assignments (including due dates) right on their tablets.
  • Limu allows students to view what to study for upcoming tests.

Secondly, for parents

  • Parents are able to keep track of how their learners are performing. Parents could, for instance, log onto to Limu while at the office and check how their child is doing for individual tests.
  • Learners from grade 5 up to metric can use Limu.
  • Teachers can communicate online with parents through Limu’s chat room facility. Teachers book out slots and communicate with parents instead of parents booking an appointment and coming into the classroom.
  • Limu reduces the cost and environmental impact of paper-powered classrooms.

Thirdly, for teachers

  • Limu and tablets make teaching much easier and learning more interesting.
  • Teachers can watch/download videos, songs, etc. to use for lessons.
  • Everything is at the learner’s fingertips.
  • Students have quick access to a digital dictionary or Google.
  • Students can search for video clips on YouTube to help them understand a concept.
  • Limu helps build on a school’s curriculum because of new tools continually becoming available for tablets.
  • Using a tablet has increased learning because learners are more eager to use a tablet over a textbook.


We love the idea of a paperless learning environment and Limu are a company who continue to innovate in this area. If you want to find out more about Limu, head over here to view their listing on SchoolAdvisor.