Ligbron Academy is located in Ermelo, a relatively small town in Mpumalanga. They have not just taken up the challenge of introducing EdTech into their classrooms, but have also succeeded in usning it effectively. The video below will reveal how Ligbron Academy paves the way for E-Learning in South Africa.

Ligbron didn’t let anything hold them back from introducing EdTech into their classrooms. They are paving the way for schools in small towns and are showing the bigger schools in the cities how to use EdTech effectively.

What Ligbron Academy have gotten right was not going “all out” and using every piece of EdTech they could get their hands on. They rather focused on one important piece of EdTech and then used it as effectively as possible.

By using electronic whiteboards and live streaming the lessons to other classrooms, Ligbron are able to run more than one classroom simultaneously with the use of a single teacher who was in charge of the lesson. The students in each classroom make use of the electronic whiteboards and live stream feed to ask or solve questions.

Although the head of Ligbron Academy is open to introducing more EdTech, they want to make sure they are using the EdTech they already have as effectively as possible.

We think all schools should take one out of Ligbron’s book. It’s great to see how a school from a small town is pioneering E-Learning in South Africa. See what piece of EdTech you could introduce into your school and use it as effectively as possible. Making the leap to EdTech doesn’t have to be that, it can be one small step which then leads to a giant success.