Knowledge Network has an in-school diploma Programme for high schools for students who do not take CAT, IT or technology as a subject. It starts in Grd 08 and continues to Grd 11 or Grd 12. This year the learners completed their final
year of the upskilling diploma via virtual teaching by the teachers and virtual learning by the learners. The results are awesome. A digital diploma for learners and achievement award for the teachers were issued for the first time. See pics (above) of the digital diploma and achievement award which details the assessment content and methodology used to include creativity, lateral thinking, problem solving, logic and technology integration in completing the projects.

For virtual teaching, teachers used Zoom and Google Classroom or MS Teams. Learners used whatever technology they had available on each lesson day. Here is feedback from two teachers, one who used MS Teams and the other who used Google Classroom.


Ashley Grant – School of Merit – Google Classroom

“I used Zoom and Google Classroom, learners viewed my virtual teaching lessons via their devices, then completed the projects and submitted their projects. The Grd 12 learners completed their in-school diploma assessment at home, I marked the assessments as they came in using an automated marking sheet and then the marked assessments were moderated with Jil’s Knowledge Network online moderating Team. These learners will find coping at online varsity no problem and they have the technology know-how to get through the workload in record time.”

“I had huge fun. We did the usual required work and Jil’s Knowledge Network Team uploaded KN Fun things to do which included coding using HTML, animating a diagram of an eye, doing sea, space and ice scape artwork using shapes and fills and animating own-invention cartoon characters with music and sound. We had a lot of fun.”

“The service from our School and Jil’s Team at Knowledge Network was phenomenal – they were open for email, WhatsApp, WeChat, calls 24 hours a day and what we needed for virtual teaching was uploaded instantly and was compatible with my tools Google Classroom and the learners tools MS 365, Google apps, Apple apps and Mac Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Graphic.”


Nirmala Lakha – SBSM

“I used MS Teams, learners viewed my virtual teaching lessons via their devices or smartphones. Those with access to devices at the time of my virtual lesson completed the projects or they concentrated on the virtual learning for recall and completion at a later time. We all had a successful learning experience outside of the school during COVID and most importantly the learners were able to complete the assessment. They will leave school with skills they need at varsity and the workplace not only in SA but everywhere in the world.”

“The service from our School and Jil’s Team at Knowledge Network was super awesome 5-star speedy service and the love, care, respect and guidance displayed by Jil is above phenomenal. I am blessed to have been mentored by Jil.”


Knowledge Network Contact Info

If you would like to get hold of the Knowledge Network team, you can get hold of them on the following:

Jil Hrdliczka – 083 264 5109 // [email protected]
Ann – 083 449 0167 // [email protected]
Gerry – 083 449 0165 // [email protected]