On the 9th of May, Statistics SA announced an increase in unemployment in the first quarter of 2016. South Africa has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world, with about 50% of our youth being unemployed*, it’s no wonder students are finding it more and more difficult to find a job after completing their studies. Click here to see what we mean.

There are vast numbers of programmes and interventions directed at the crisis of unemployment in South Africa. These initiatives are predominantly aimed at skills development and job creation, leaving the essential skill of job search largely unaddressed.

School Advisor uncovers GOAL2WORK, a toolkit to help your learners discover and understand how the working world approaches employment selection and what they need to do to succeed in this competitive market.

GOAL2WORK’s managing director, Angelo Pereira, says: “There is a lack of focus on the skill of job search in South Africa. Amongst unemployed youth, there is a perception that finding and securing a job is beyond their ability to control and therefore they simply drift aimlessly waiting for something to happen. Based on experience, this is a misperception and job seekers can take control and conduct an effective job search.” He goes on to say that “Searching for and securing meaningful employment is not instinctive, it is a skill that needs to be learnt. We believe job searching is a necessary life-skill every learner should have.”

Knowing what we just learned, SchoolAdvisor asked GOAL2WORK to tell us about their toolkit and explain how it teaches learners the important skill of job search.

History and overview of product
GOAL2WORK was created by Options in Personnel, a recruitment and training organisation, with over 23 years experience, focusing on guiding job seekers in the theory and application of effective job search. The aim of the GOAL2WORK programme is to ensure that individuals are capable of conducting an effective job search, on their own, utilising all the methods and strategies which culminate in securing suitable employment. Job search is a vital skill that is often underestimated.

Today the Options Group have several versions of the GOAL2WORK Jobseekers Toolkit and proactively work on updating the toolkit to be relevant to the current job search trends.The GOAL2WORK Job Search Guidance Book was specifically developed for learners from Grade 10 to 12.

The GOAL2WORK Job Search Guidance Book takes each learner step-by-step through the milestones that should be achieved during an effective job search.

This goal orientated job search programme was designed to provide a clearly defined course of action aimed at viable positioning in the market in the shortest time possible. Each module covers specific aspects of a multi-layered job search, common mistakes are dealt with and the full process of managing the module is laid out.

  • The GOAL2WORK Job Search Guidance Book consists of three phases, each addressing an essential part of a goal orientated job search
  • For the teachers convenience, each phase is divided into units, consisting of 30-minute lesson (slots)
  • The lessons would be set up on the teacher’s resource USB (PowerPoint Flash, which is compatible on most computers)
  • The units in the teacher’s guide and the slides follow the same structure and headings as those used in the learner’s textbook, which makes it simple for the learner to follow along with the lessons
  • Videos have been embedded into the PowerPoint flash files to make the teaching process more enjoyable and meaningful for both the learners and the teacher
  • Assessments at the end of each phase make the process of identifying, gathering and interpreting information about the performance of learners easy
  • The teacher’s guide is equipped with all the tools and resources needed to successfully guide learners through the programme


Below is a diagram revealing the layout of the Job Search Guidance Book:

Goal2Work Course Outline











Advice from the Advisors
Let’s tackle the issue of unemployment in South Africa and teach our learners the important skill of job search. SchoolAdvisor especially likes the following advantages of GOAL2WORK’s programme:

  • Practical information that can be applied in the current job market
  • Interactive worksheets
  • Relevance of information
  • Easy to understand layout
  • Addresses all job search related issues in one programme

Have a look at their website to find out more about GOAL2WORK and view their contact info.


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*Youth hold key to beating poverty; Linda Doke; 01 Apr 2016; http://mg.co.za/article/2016-03-31-youth-hold-key-to-beating-poverty

*The Effects of Goal Orientation on Job Search and Reemployment: A Field Experiment Among Unemployed Job Seekers; Edwin A. J. van Hooft and Gera Noordzij Erasmus; University Rotterdam; 2009; http://www.pop-lab.com/beheer/userupload/files/30.pdf