They are in the UK! covered a report from which reveals ‘that the education sector has paid average margins of 23% and in extreme cases up to 448% above the trade price for IT products’. Ouch.

If this is happening in the UK we can only expect that the same problem is prevalent in the rest of the world and here in Africa.

The article says ‘KnowledgeBus is now calling on IT managers and procurement teams to become more proactive in reviewing their IT spending, and to closely monitor the market in order to ensure they are achieving best price’.

School budgets are getting tighter and schools cannot afford to overpay for products. IT department heads have to get involved and get an idea of what products and services are costing.


In Southern Africa, we don’t have any form of benchmarking, a common practice around the world where the Government compares purchase prices of multiple school products and services.

This research they then make available to their schools to get an idea of what the average price for products or services is. The good news is that SchoolAdvisor is here to help.

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