Ben Stern, a former educator and now a Dropbox executive, has hit in on the head when he says that your school’s IT department is now calling the big shots.

Have a read of the full article on but to make life easier we have pulled out 5 quotes that will get your mind thinking. Take note, this is very relevant for schools and suppliers:

  • ‘The Chief Information Officer Is Now Top Brass. IT leaders haven’t historically been at the top of school leadership. They were focused on day-to-day upkeep—mostly debugging problematic computers, updating software and running break-and-fix-shops. Now nearly every issue has become an IT issue, with technology integrated almost everywhere from the classroom to the cafeteria. Schools are bringing chief information officers (CIOs) into senior leadership discussions—and most importantly, allowing them to make all software purchasing decisions and recommend technology that will help drive key academic initiatives forward’.
  • ‘Perhaps no role has changed as much as the chief technology officer—or whatever the position may be called at your local district or university. In fact, the variety of positions and titles underscores the critical and evolving role they play in making a tech-infused campus successful’.
  • ‘IT leaders today are willing to spend on new services that can help everyone in the school get work done more easily—even if these tools may not have been originally designed to be used in schools. And, to be frank, their users are demanding it. Consumer tools are brought into schools because they work well in people’s personal lives. This means a diversity of applications, file types, platforms, and devices—and the desire to work on them from anywhere, at any time’.
  • ‘If a new app is confusing or hard to use, faculty and staff will default back to the apps they already have on their phones or personal laptops. And that’s a headache for the IT team, which loses control over information. The trick for edtech companies is to build simple products people will be happy to use while ensuring IT leaders have the security and control they need. Without broad user adoption, there is no security; security features only matter if users are actually using that tool’.


Our question to schools:
Is your head of IT up to this job that is going to keep growing?

For suppliers:
If your product touches tech in any way, are you ready to talk to the head of IT?


-You can read the full article here.