Last week saw Tim Cook launch the new bigger and better iPad. It will start shipping later this year.

If it helps iPad’s decreasing percentage share of the school market is still to be seen but it does have these much-needed changes that will help schools:

  • Multitasking: Being in the classroom you often need to run two apps at the same time – read the textbook while looking for a video on it. On the new iPad, you will be able to.
  • A way bigger screen: at 12.9 inches it is bigger but has not lost its performance. In fact, it has double the CPU and is still light.
  • A keyboard that connects to the iPad directly and runs off the iPad’s power. Trying to take notes, typing an assignment directly on the iPad is always tricky – this is going to make life way easier for the students.
  • A stylus, well they call it an Apple Pencil. Should improve ease of use especially around design based school projects.


-You can see the full details on the new iPad here.