Have you heard about adaptive learning before?

Adaptive Learning uses computers/tablets as interactive teaching devices, offering a tailored learning experience on a large-scale. We wanted to find out more about adaptive learning and how this type of learning can benefit teachers and students.

We uncover how this method of learning can improve your teaching and how difficult or easy it is to adapt it to the classroom. Top Dog Education is a company that has been using Adaptive Learning for some time now, so we had a chat to them to find out more.

1) What is adaptive learning?

A product that personalises your studying experience based on:

  • How you learn;
  • What areas you need help with; and
  • What goals you want to achieve.

No two students are the same. That’s why no two students will see the same course material, because we modify it in real time, depending on how you perform and what you best respond to.

With adaptive learning, every student will see the right content, at the right time, at the right level of difficulty. Our adaptive diagnostics educate you in your personal “optimal learning zone” ensuring maximum understanding of work.

2) What are the benefits for learning?

  • Faster and higher quality student progression due to a more personalised one-on-one experience. Students get a real-time response to their work.
  • Adapts to different abilities. Instruction and assessment change immediately according to the student’s knowledge. Therefore, learning is optimised and mastered before more difficult material is served
  • Allows students to work at their own pace
  • Improves understanding of work covered in class
  • Engages students. Students today are digital natives – we talk their language
  • It provides information that empowers teachers. Enables more individual attention from teachers. This is through the diagnostics process and the insight provided on our platform, making personalised strategies possible.

3) How can teachers apply adaptive learning in the classroom?

Teachers can use the diagnostics and insights provided to:

  • Enhance personalised teaching strategies
  • Quickly identify students weak areas and infer what is causing this
  • Gain insight into expected performance of the class
  • Understand relative performance across classes and/or students
  • Insight into teachers marking styles
  • The teachers can set goals (topics covered and target mark) for the class or for individuals and the content will be served according to these goals.
  • Use the multi-media; multi-sensory rich content to enhance the teaching experience
  • Flip the classroom. Using homework time to understand the course material and use class-time for critical thinking and application.

4) What solutions do Top Dog Education offer for teaching and learning?

  1. Syllabus aligned, multi-media; multi-sensory, instructional and assessment material. It saves teachers time when creating or searching for relevant material.
  2. Adaptive learning – to ensure personalised learning and empowering teaching strategies.
  3. Diagnostics service. Besides the diagnostics provided on the Top Dog Education platform. We provide a service, where Top Dog Education will data capture all the tests and exams written by the students and provide a full report to teachers as often as they require. We also provide report commenting on each student as we will have insight into each student in great detail. This requires no additional time or admin from the teachers.
  4. Auto test and solution generation. This product is used to instantly create original, error-free and tailored tests with full solutions. Teachers never have to spend hours setting test/exams or risking re-using content. This product is not launched yet. Launch date is January 2017.


We hope that you now have a much better understanding of adaptive learning and can see all the great benefits that come with using adaptive learning in your school/classroom. We love seeing more and more companies trying to enhance the learning experience and make teaching more streamlined.

If you want to know more about Top Dog Education, you can check their listing on our site or check out their site.