*Impak currently has a 4-star rating (after 14 reviews) on our site. We wanted to find out more about the company, and how they were able to achieve such positive reviews and ratings.

We spoke to Stefan Botha, the company’s CEO, about its products and services.

Q: Can you tell us about the company?
A: Impak was established in 2002 as a curriculum provider to home education learners. We have, however, experienced remarkable growth over the past 14 years and in 2014 we expanded our offering to include a broad range of education products and services for schools and tutors. We currently serve approximately 10 000 learners and more than 400 schools and tutors across South Africa.

Q: Okay great. Can you elaborate on your curriculum offering?
A: We believe that a sound, comprehensive curriculum is more than a general guide of ideas and activities; it is a resource designed to meet each learner’s needs and to assure learning and development in all areas, including social, emotional and physical development, language and literacy skills, and creative expression.

At Impak, we offer a CAPS aligned curriculum for Grade R to Grade 12 that is designed to cover each of these aspects to ensure holistic learner development.

Q: Can schools opt to buy Impak’s learning material separately?
A: Yes, our learning material is available to schools as a product only option. We introduced this option as we realised that a need for quality learning material exists outside of our network of registered schools. Essentially, for schools already boasting the necessary facilities and a team of experienced teachers, our products complete the educational trinity.

Q: Assessment is a critical step in the learning process – does your school offering include any assessment elements?
A: Yes, our offering includes all the required assessment elements per subject for learners to eventually obtain a National Senior Certificate in Grade 12, as well as continuous feedback and reporting on learner progress. These assessments are developed and updated annually by a team of subject matter experts.

Our goal is not only to support teaching by providing assessments that are fully aligned with CAPS requirements, but also to improve learning by helping learners achieve the highest standards.

Q: Your offering is clearly geared towards learners. What about support for teachers?
A: Teacher effectiveness is an important part of the discussion on education, and we are increasingly hearing calls to improve the efficacy of teachers in the classroom. Teachers, however, are often overstretched due to an ever-growing administrative burden.

To help ease this burden – and to empower teachers to spend more time teaching – Impak provides a comprehensive set of facilitation products that include detailed lesson plans, as well as centralised teacher support and training. Our goal is to provide teachers with the products and tools necessary to raise the quality of instruction in their classrooms.


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